MeenaDidi Women Literacy Class- Village to Villages

Posted November 7, 2019 from Nepal
Just Loving Underprivileged People and Supporting them. Poverty is the main obstacle that stops from improving quality of basic life.
Literacy Class
Literacy Class (1/2)

I work among the poorest and have seen that 62% Violence - Crime and Justice against Women and Children is because POVERTY. I believe we can fix it all by EDUCATING & EMPOWERING WOMEN.

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Anita Shrestha
Nov 07, 2019
Nov 07, 2019

Good work

Hannah B
Nov 07, 2019
Nov 07, 2019

Welcome MeenaDidi,
Thank you for sharing these great photos with us!
I would love to hear more about the literacy work you are doing with women.
Kind regards,

Tarke Edith
Nov 07, 2019
Nov 07, 2019

Welcome sister
Thank you very much for helping the women to empowered

Karen QuiƱones-Axalan
Nov 08, 2019
Nov 08, 2019

Hello, Meenadidi,

Welcome to World Pulse! It is such a joy that another voice from Nepal is rising up! What a wonderful photo you shared with us. Is this one of your literacy classes?

Do you have an organization? Thank you for sharing with us the work that you are doing. 62% of violence against women and children is an alarming statistics.

I'm looking forward to reading more from your stories. I'm curious about who invited you to join here.

Welcome again to our growing sisterhood! Have a great day!

Nov 08, 2019
Nov 08, 2019

Dear Meena didi,

Welcome to the world pulse family. So happy to see you and your campaign for literacy. Please keep writing and updating the progress didi.

Thank you for sharing.
Love and regards, anjana

Jill Langhus
Nov 08, 2019
Nov 08, 2019

Hello Meena,

Welcome to World Pulse:-) I'm looking forward to seeing more stories from you.

You may want to consider submitting a story about all the work you do for the current call for stories:

Hope you're doing well and that you have a great weekend!

Nov 08, 2019
Nov 08, 2019

Welcome to World Pulse Meenadidi.

Thank you for sharing your great work. I agree when you said that poverty can eradicate through Education and Empowering women. I hope to hear more of your great advocacy.

Have a great day!