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About Me

Hello Friends,

I am working as a spiritual counselor and associated with NGO's as a volunteer.I am pursuing studies in Psychology and very much open to getting involved with those who are working towards society and gender equality.I am here to learn and share innovative ways to get rid off conventional thoughts which are breaking societies n people.No biased and negative views for my opposite gender.I respect man n woman both.Like others, i don't want to put up my personal negative experiences against either gender just for personal gain or revenge.Unfortunately, just because few woman n communities raised their voice against violence and we dumb people assumed it as a whole and started looking for gender in every problem imperceptibly.

My Vision

i do a have strong faith in my country & culture my vision is to raise my voice for both the genders equally.


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Spiritual help like chakras activation etc and personal counseling. Trust can only make it happen.In depression feel free to talk to me


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