The cross Road of CAmeroonian Girls.

Posted July 16, 2015 from Cameroon

The suffering and burdens of women and girls calls for attention. Their daily toil to make ends meet yields little fruit. Poverty within the female rankd affects their quality of live. Their vulnerability exposes them to health hazards such as HIV/AIDS, violence, force and early marriage being the shortage means of alleviating poverty and fear of responsibility thus most young girls wngange into force and early marriage because of their inability to have access to education and ignorance bring the call of the day makes them more confuse. The best thing to ravage this situation is to educate these young girls so as to avoid the grewing generational problem of their ancestors, parents and be self employed, be educated and have good jobs which can remove them from the desperate situation. Our girls need to be counciled. Our girls need mentors Our girls need to know the importance of education Our girls need support They needs change in mentality

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