Young girls empowerment

Posted October 19, 2019 from Nigeria

My name is Margaret, am from Nigeria. I have seen a lot of injustices been done to women who are not financially empowered. I have seen women beaten and battered by their husbands and yet their voice has never been heard by the society. I pondered on this and came to the conclusion that our women needs empowerment and a voice. I am a fashion designer and I have promised myself to train and teach girls especially teenage girls on how to be self employed and guard themselves from been taking advantage of.

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Oct 19
Oct 19

Hi Memphis,

Welcome to World Pulse were women connect and encourage one another.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on women empowerment. That is a good advocacy on training and teaching teenage girls how to be self-employed and guarding themselves against being taking advantage.

Looking forward to more stories you will share in this platform.

Jill Langhus
Oct 19
Oct 19

Hi Margaret,

Welcome to World Pulse:-) What a great idea, post and initiative. How many girls do you plan, or are you already, training? I would love to see your work. Do you have a website or portfolio to share?!

Looking forward to seeing more posts from you and learning more about your goals, and mission.

Hope you're well and having a great weekend:-)

Oct 19
Oct 19

Dear Margaret,
A warm welcome to the World Pulse Family.
I wish you a very best for fulfilling your objective to make young girls for their employment and their physical security. It's a very important factor for every girl to be independent. Good work my sister, please keep continuing.
Best regards,

Anita Shrestha
Oct 20
Oct 20

THank you for your work

Oct 20
Oct 20

Dear Memphis,
It's a wow kind of project, congratulations my dear. I also warmly welcomes you to our amazing platform. Another congrats on your first post here ha :-)
You rock girl, go high my dear. Will loved to read follow up stories of your here.
Kind regards

Beth Lacey
Oct 21
Oct 21

Welcome to the World Pulse Community

Corine Milano
Oct 21
Oct 21

Memphis, welcome to World Pulse - I love your vision for training girls and young women and how great that you are a fashion designer. We're very glad you have joined us. You'll find a community here of sisters who encourage each other and empower each other through our stories and connections.

Hello, Margareth,

Welcome to World Pulse! It is such a joy that a new voice from Nigeria is rising up!
We agree with you that women need empowerment.
That's a great advocacy as a fashion designer.
Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to reading more stories from you.

Have a great day!

Oct 23
Oct 23

Thanks Memphis for sharing, I have seen young girls going through such abuse just because they are desperate to belong and have financial stability and the root and cause of this is from "home" where there is less love and support from parents and family and because of poverty we end up giving ourselves just to get support whereas in the process all we get is abuse.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Margaret,
Hope you are well. Thank you so much for your post. You are most welcome to world pulse a great platform full of wonderful and selfless people.
Looking forward to many more of your posts.
Have a great day.