The Wide and Powerful Reach of Books

Meredith Kaknevicius
Posted January 29, 2021 from Canada

Many people want to be part of a book club and to connect with others about big ideas, but find themselves too busy or without access to the material. And yet, the written word  and the ideas it expresses can be immensely powerful and bring about remarkable change. Enter Book Interrupted, a book club for busy people to connect and one that celebrates life's interruptions.  We are a group of six friends that discuss non-fiction books over a 6 weeks cycle, with new content weekly. And it's more than that. We also talk about ourselves, the broader impact of the books on our lives, the relevance of the content to social issues, and the events that interrupt our attempts to read. By supporting each other with understanding, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and connect through honest discussion. 

The impact books have on our lives is not limited to the words written between the covers. Some books inspire new thoughts and send us to unexpected places. I explore my experience of the broader reach of each book's ideas in a weekly blog. Follow me every Sunday as I descend further and further in my recurring blog segment Down the Rabbit Hole at 

Do you have a book that has impacted your life? Want a chance to have it reach others? We'd love to hear about it. Every third book is chosen by our listeners. Find our more at

You can find out more about Book Interrupted and our members by going to our website at


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Jan 30
Jan 30

Welcome to World Pulse Meredith :) Your story is your power.

Thank you for sharing the link of your website. This reminds me to send a short message with my fellow metanoia. We had a group where we had a book review once a week. This book club of your's is a way to connect and inspire each other.

Meredith Kaknevicius

Thank you Maeann. I'm glad this made you think about connecting with others.

Tamarack Verrall
Jan 30
Jan 30

Books are precious, book clubs great. Writers groups are great too. I love all of your encouragements to do things for ourselves and with and for each other.

Meredith Kaknevicius

Thanks Tamarack. Connection is so important for a fulfilling life.

Welcome Meredith to World Pulse, from a fellow Canadian, so happy to have you a part of this community of care!
Thank you for sharing this - the power of words is transformation, exhibited so beautifully by so many on here and you are now part of this!
Hugs from Montreal!

Meredith Kaknevicius

Thank you Adriana!

Jan 31
Jan 31

Thank you for sharing. It is a very meaningful activity. Books are our soul mates. It enriches our knowledge and inspires. We should encourage people to read rather than staying online all the time.
Hope more people join the club.
May Almighty God bless you all!

Meredith Kaknevicius

Thank you Rebecca!

Beth Lacey
Feb 01
Feb 01

Such a great idea. Especially in a pandemic when we are separated from many of our friends and family. I will definitely check out your site.

Meredith Kaknevicius

Thank you Beth! I couldn't agree more. Connection is such an important part of health and happiness.

Hello, Meredith,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy that a new voice from Canada is rising up!

You are so right about people being too busy to connect with others about big ideas. Your Book Interrupted movement is a great idea. Is your book club limited to six people? Are your listeners members of the club? Thank you for sharing the links to your website. Kudos to you and your friends for sharing the joy of reading! Cheers to every book lover! Looking forward to reading more from you. Hope you can connect with our sisters here, too. :D

Meredith Kaknevicius

Thank you Karen. Our Podcast currently features six women, and every third book will be chosen by a listener who will then participate. Yes, our listeners are members. We love hearing from them. Every 6th show we discuss the viewpoints from our fans. People can connect through our website, Facebook group, by email at [email protected] or leaving a voicemail at the phone number on our website.
There are so many interesting stories here on Wolrd Pulse. It's such a great community.
We hope that this club will become a place where people can connect.

You're welcome, dear Meredith. It's lovely to see women building a project together. This is the best year for content creation because more and more people are going to the internet due to the pandemic. Just yesterday, someone who follows me on YouTube requested that I start a podcast, too, because it's better for her to just listen while she's washing the dishes. So great job on positioning yourselves as podcasters! Busy people are multi-tasking these days that listening to podcasts is now preferrable than watching videos. Hoping you soar higher and higher!

Feb 26
Feb 26

Wow, Meredith! Such an awesome initiative. It's been said that great people read books. I join my sisters to warmly welcome you to World Pulse. Thank you for sharing your web links too. I look forward to reading more about you.

Till then, keep reading, writing and shining.

Love and hugs,
E. J.

Meredith Kaknevicius

Thank you E.J.