First inaugural Sister to Sister: - Canadian sisters to Ethiopian sisters

Meseret Haileyesus
Posted November 20, 2019 from Canada


Sister to Sister: Kehit Lehit is a project that was launched to generate awareness and provide education about a variety of women’s issues in Ethiopia, mobilize the diaspora community in Canada, identify important issues related to women’s empowerment and to address ways to provide positive support through grassroots initiatives, including fundraising events, speaking engagements and networking. It seeks to facilitate an active and sustained engagement by the Ethiopian Diaspora in directly supporting women in Ethiopia and to share and promote Ethiopian culture and the role of Ethiopian women.

Sister to Sister project first event will be launched on Nov 23rd,2019.It provides the opportunity to introduce Sister to Sister: Kehit Lehit to the Ottawa community, and raise much needed funds to transform the lives of women living with fistula in Ethiopia.

Proceeds from this event will support Women and Health Alliance, one of Ethiopiaid Canada local Ethiopian partners. WAHA strives to improve access to quality reproductive healthcare in Ethiopia. The organization works to increase the capacity of local midwives to provide quality maternal care and to ensure comprehensive care for women with birth complications. Ethiopiaid works with WAHA to assist women suffering from obstetric fistula and other pelvic floor disorders in the North Gondar zone and Amhara region. Ethiopiaid funds fistula surgeries, including pre- and post-operative care, physiotherapy, and psycho-social care. We also equip community health workers to provide education and awareness on the prevention and treatment of fistula

The project is implemented by Ethio Canadian Sisters and Ethiopiaid Canada,  a charitable international development organization dedicated to empowering women and girls in Ethiopia to live healthy and productive lives. We seek lasting change by supporting interventions driven by local partners.


Please share  the event page!


Meseret Haileyesus



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Nov 20, 2019
Nov 20, 2019

Dear Maseret,
Thanks for sharing this initiative with us for fistula women in Ethiopia. I think this project will go a long way to improve health care.
I hope you are doing well? Have a great day.

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Nov 21, 2019
Nov 21, 2019

Hello, Meseret,

Wow! What a lovely project Sister to Sister is! It is such a caring way to raise funds for Ethiopian projects.

Please continue to update us with the launching, development, and sustainability of this project! Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a great day.

Nov 21, 2019
Nov 21, 2019

Wonderful initiative Meseret!
I am very positive that you will get the necessary funds to realise your dream of transforming the lives of women living with fistula in Ethiopia.
I wish you all the best.

Jill Langhus
Nov 22, 2019
Nov 22, 2019

Hi Meseret,

How are you? It was lovely to see you yesterday on the Ambassador call, by the way:-) I'm looking forward to hearing how your project goes. Have you reached out to Lily who is in Ethiopia and works with ending fistula, too? If you're interested in reaching out to her, this is her profile page:

Hope you're doing well and having a great Friday!


Nov 22, 2019
Nov 22, 2019

This is a beautiful initiative, great job dear,thanks for shearing.

Anita Shrestha
Nov 22, 2019
Nov 22, 2019

Thank you for sharing

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