Time to look for your inner gift.

Metiege Noel Eve
Posted September 20, 2020 from Cameroon

Last thought: Identifying and using your gift to grow and prosper

In 1st Corinthians 7:7, we are told everyman has a gift from God. Therefore knowing your gift and putting it to use is essential for your own growth. Many people might not know their gift or are neglecting it.

A gift is what you do best and with the least effort. It is something you find pleasure and enjoy doing. Your gift  runs with your vision and imagination. According to Einsten, imagination is everything and revealing on life's attractions. What you see is not meant for everyone and it is the things you hope for; that can be accomplished with the  gift put in you by God. 

Everything you see around you emanates from someone's imagination and or a gift. The cellphone is someone's imagination who got tired of using a fix phone. The cars are someone's imagination who got tired of seeing folks trecking or using boats. The aeroplane is someone's imagination to travel faster

You also have a gift and a vision. That is why you keep imagining having a big house, cars, a school, a business, become a politician, teacher, doctor etc. That could be your gift and tied to your imagination. 

The reason many gifts go unnoticed or imagination/ vision die with some folks is because they don't fulfill and believe or tell it to the wrong people, small minded people who discourage, dissuade or kill it. God gave you the gift and vision and not them. He gave you the imagination to see these things and so you have the eyes and not them. These killers will kill your vision, imagimation and drive because they don't have the eyes to see it. 

What are your gift(s)? What is your imagination/vision? Retrospect and ask God to show you your gifts and direct your imagination and vision to enter his glory, grow and prosper. Maybe this is my own gift to think and share my thoughts and motivate you.

Happy sunday everyone

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Sep 20
Sep 20

Dear sister metiege
How are you and your family, thank you for feeding us the food of life.
You have reminded us of the benefits of walking in the purpose that God has brought us here on earth, not to walk out of the way that is intended for us. Surely your work is good and blessed. Keep updating us.

Metiege Noel Eve
Sep 20
Sep 20

Thank you for reading and for commenting

Nini Mappo
Sep 22
Sep 22

Hello Metiege,
Thank you for this beautiful reminder that we all have gifts, where we can be productive without striving, so that we can serve God's people and tend His earth better, without wasting energy or getting stuck and frustrated.
Indeed it's true that not everyone sees our vision. I was only speaking yesterday about Moses, How when he got the grand vision to go to Egypt, he didn't tell his father-in-law about it. He just got on with the task. It is freeing when we realise that not everyone has to understand our vision or even support it.
Thank you for the encouragement. Stay blessed with a vision clear :)

Hello, dear Noel,

I could say that I have the gift of encouragement: "If it is encouraging, let him encourage” (Romans 12:18) That is why I am using this gift by encouraging our sisters on World Pulse.

I know there are more who are called to be encouragers, and I hope they are using this gift, because the world truly needs encouragers right now. Thank you writing this post. How about you? What are your gifts?

Metiege Noel Eve
Sep 24
Sep 24

Thanks dear and keep using your gift to encourage. I believe I have the gift of entertaining. Those around me know there is never a dull moment with me. I can turn a dull party into a star event. Trust me on that. Even my school classes are so much fun to the extent that my students will never miss a class and will usually ask for extra classes.

You're welcome, dear. Wow, it must be lovely to be around you. I liked being entertained! Wow, I wish you were my teacher. You should train teachers to be more like you so students will want to go to school. Thanks for sharing, dear. I love your positivity!