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About Me

Am the project manager for empowered Girl, volunteer/advocate for women's and children's rights. Passionate about helping young people grow in all aspects especially entrepreneurship. Also I've been able to train over 100 women and girls is craft work and my greatest Barrier in sustaining the project is finances. But I believe that change is a gradual process and needs lots of patience to accomplish it and I believe the world pulse community will help my persue this dream as I wait for a time when woman will no longer be seen as the weaker sex but great entreprenurs who create jobs for themselves and their communities as well.

My Vision

My vision is inspire youths woman and girls and engage them in skillful and income generating activities that can make them entrepreneurial.


I need financial support and partners who can help me community development project on skill building.


Am good at inspiring others and I happen to be a muti-talented person always ready to teach others and accept corrections.


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