Empowering Women, Building better Nation.

Meyanwieh Diana Queency
Posted October 11, 2019 from Cameroon
Empowere a girl sustain a nation

Empowering women and girls is a dream come true In my life as I am able put smile on some faces. My heart bleeds each time I see Women and girls under, pain truma and torture as was the case of Eve my causin who was raped at the age of 17 and got pregnant. Due to her situation, she was stigmatized by family, friends and community who saw her as a disgrace. Considering her family was not well to do family she was driven from home and had little or nothing to eat until she acquired some life skills which enable her sustain herself and her baby. I saw this as chanllenge for all woman to be able empowered with skills in other to be financially independent because an empowered woman is a sustainable nation.

This story was submitted in response to GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable.

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Oct 11
Oct 11

Hi Diana,

Welcome to World Pulse were women share stories and be inspired.

Looking forward to read more of your empowered stories.

Continue to bring that smile...

Thanks mam.. will share more as time unfolds

Hello, Diana,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy to see another voice from Cameroon is rising up.

You definitely belong here. You can connect with like-minded women who are passionate to enpower women and girls.

I’m sorry about what happen to your cousin. How sad it is that the victim is punished. It is not her fault at all. How is she doing now? Is she working?

Thank you for speaking up. I’m looking forward to reading more from your experiences.

Please visit this page to read how our World Pulse sisters are using their voices to share their stories. You might want to submit your entries, too.


Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

Thanks so much Ma
My causin is actually moving on with life. She doing a trade

You’re welcome, dear. I’m glad she’s able to stand on her own.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Oct 11
Oct 11

Dear Diana,
You are very absolutely right. When women and girls are empowered no body can abuse them or make them do anything. I relate or understand you clearly. Are you thinking on a project for empowerment for the girls and women in your community?
You are welcome to World Pulse and congrats on your new post.
Take care of yourself

Thanks very much Ma. Actually I've started a small project for girls to acquire skills in beading, liquid soap, body lotion and other skills.

Oct 12
Oct 12

Amazing! Well done :-)

Tarke Edith
Oct 11
Oct 11

Hello my dear sister Diana
What a great great job you are doing sis thank you very much for putting your foot in my very shoe.
I will like to know you dear and where are you located .
I am in , Bamenda and you?
This is my cell number 670255118.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Ma. Am in Bamenda too will get to you.

Jill Langhus
Oct 13
Oct 13

Hello Dear Diana,

Congrats on posting your first post! I love your mission. Thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to seeing more stories from you, and to learn more about your mission and work.

How is Eve now? Perhaps she would like to join World Pulse so that she can receive some support and love, too:-)

It'd be great to see you work and/or collaborate with Dear Edith, too. Let us know if you end up working together. We love to see World Pulse, collaborations and updates:-)

Hope you're doing well and having a great day!!