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About Me

Hi I'm Michaela, I have worked in health and healing all of my life, as well as practicing yoga and dance to keep well and sane. I am here to be part of the change towards thriving life, restoration and giving back. I am a healer, homeopath and a sound healer and have 13 crystal bowls . I have expertise in many healing modalities, EFT, Quantum touch, Reflexology, Conscious breath work etc I also trained as a Peace ambassador and am interested in non-violent communication being brought into all areas of life; schools, corporations etc Working with sound as well as activism, I know that the change we are calling in is vibrational, a quantum shift in paradigms and is deeply feminine. And it is Women Rising and we are now beginning to ROAR . A deep gentle and powerful healing where we all know we matter and that life matters where we shine as Luminous Nature within and without. Giving voice to the voiceless and bringing forth the more invisible realms that are here for us as allies.

My Vision

To support communication from a place of love, to reconnect with nature with reverence, to bring people together, using sound, song, dance.


I am a gifted healer and homeopath (see www.michaelaodriscoll.com) Getting more paid clients who need my services would help me.


Peace activist. I have studied non violent communication, practiced yoga, meditation, Homeopathy, dance. I can teach what I know


Education EqualityWomen and the EnvironmentGender-based ViolenceEmpowering GirlsWomen's HealthHuman Rights for WomenWomen in LeadershipEngaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality


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