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Michelle Helman
Posted December 15, 2015 from United States
Food I grew in Portland, Oregon
local scavenging
local scavenging: roadside blueberries (1/1)

The long view:

One type of leadershp that has a direct impact on future generations is engaging in personal food production. I grew the food in the pictures accompanying this post. Farming and agriculture has always been something I'm grateful for and do not take much time to engage in. When I set aside even a bit of time to till the soil, plant seets, weed, water, and watch - the magic of life starts to happen. Arriving home from work on my bicycle with a row of sugar snap peas inviting me to eat them was a dream come true - distant memories now that it's winter - hello squash!

With the state of the environment as it is, personal food production (if you have access to land or perhaps a community garden) can be an empowering way to take ownership of your own existence. Of course I gratefully rely on grocery stores and markets for the majority of my food purchasing, though being able to grow a few extra potatoes, greens, and fruit bring another dimension of joy and ownership into my life experince.

My own acts of organic and local gardening keep the soil in prime condition for future generations to continue the cycle. Luckily Portland is a place where small-scale gardening is accessible. Every season I dream up what to plant and because I move a lot, sometimes I don't even plant. Supporting local farmers is made easier through local farmers' markets. It is pricier, and a few occasional small purchases help me feel like I'm giving back and investing in the future. To me, it matters.

If this gardening idea isn't accessible to some folks, perhaps you can start with one plant in or near your home space. Keeping plants (edible and non) helps me feel more connected to the cycles of nature. Practicing being one with the earth we are naturally a part of is an innate practice some have forgotten. I hope to encourage current and future generations to feel the earth beneath their feet and eat what she gives us.

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