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About Me

My name is Michelle, I speak Spanish, ride a bicycle, send snail-mail letters, and love cultivating relationships. My work as an Empowerment Educator and Founder of Enact Your Vision focuses on the personal leadership side of community development as it relates to conflict resolution and peace-building. In other words: Life and Career Coaching and Organizational Consulting.

Enact Your Vision was born from a dream to impact change and take on the challenge of HOW to provide hands-on educational opportunities for people to impact community and social change starting with them SELVES. Let’s talk sustainability and impact! It started on a personal level for me to turn obstacles into opportunities and has since grown!

​Passion-piece: Engage in the intersection of personal and community development: connecting people to resources, focusing on needs-based sustainability, and impacting actions that are aligned with organizational missions and visions.

I’ve grown as a leader by stepping up to the plate to build a self-advocacy curriculum for Latina women to serving on the hiring committee for an international alternative academic program. I also dedicate my time to continuing my education and love learning new things from a student perspective and as a volunteer as well.

As someone who prefers being outside, in order to make connections, I use digital media as a tool to strengthen my network, learn new ideas, and share opportunities.

My favorite initiatives: the YES! circle, World's Greatest Fan, and the Peanut Butter River Crossing

My Vision

My superpower is connecting people to opportunities. This keeps me inspired to move forward towards the change I want to see: women and youth are able to recognize their needs and dreams and connect to resources to enact their visions as community leaders.

VISION: A world where women and youth:

believe in their potential to impact social change,
have a flexible and sharpened skill set to engage in transparent non-violent communication,
readily identify opportunities and next steps,
collaboratively problem solve and resolve conflict,
work as a team and to identify resources to create sustainable action steps and programming,
incorporate the holistic perspective to prioritize personal care, balanced health and wellness, avoid burnout and aim to feel energized, and consider service in a way to engage in a reciprocal learning process, and
create meaningful processes and evaluations to align their missions and visions with actions.


Non-Violent Communication
Earth Stewardship
Collaborative Problem Solving
Teach to Learn
Ask for help and support


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