Freedom Is An Inside Job

Posted July 29, 2020 from New Zealand

I am free yet bound,

I am free yet yearn,

I am free yet contained,

Bound by should's, would's and could's,

Yearning for freedom, compassion, and love,

Constrained by my own limiting thoughts.


We are born free, yet freedom is what we seek,

Freedom is the overt cry of the 21st century,

Give us our freedom, give us our rights, give us choices, all of it,

on a plate right now.


Yet we don't realise that the freedom we seek is the very thing containing and constraining us, thwarting our flow.


Just as balance is a myth, so is freedom.

Freedom is an inside job, 

A choice.


You could be imprisoned and yet free,

Wheelchair-bound, yet free,

Without commitments, yet suffocated,

Without constraints, yet fraught.


Freedom BELONGS to you, 

You don't need to seek it,

Reach within and you will find it.


Freedom is about choosing that which is a vibrational match for you and releasing the rest.

But we cling to what 'the rules' tell us we should want: the sales funnel; the online program; the big house.  But freedom is found in what makes your soul sing not in what you should want.


The key to knowing what is a vibrational match for you is to be still and seek YOUR own truth.


Yet we find it difficult to connect because we rush too much, there is simply too much static, background noise... all drowning out your soul.


Your soul whispers to you.

Your fears shout.

Society screeches at you.


It is vital that we learn to notice the difference. When your soul talks to you, you will FEEL it, it feels like a soft hug. But we are so used to feeling the PRESSURE so used to the high intensity that we dismiss what comes from our souls, we think "that can't possibly be the answer - it is too simple, too easy". We have been trained to struggle and now we think that state of being is normal. But it's not. 


Your normal state is relaxed, in flow, in knowing, in being present, in letting YOU flow. That is where success is, that is where the fun is, that is where the love is, and that is where the money is too. You CAN have it all, and the universe WANTS you to have it all.


If a message is high energy and urgent, it is not soul, it is not coming from a place of flow.

Today, I invite you to take a moment to truly connect to what your soul wants.  Don't poo poo it, lean into, and regardless of how indulgent or silly it feels, do it. Jump in the puddles, spend a day walking around in the forest, just BE.


And remember, together we shall rise,


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Jul 30
Jul 30

Thank you for sharing Sister.

You are so welcome hun

Nini Mappo
Jul 30
Jul 30

Hi Michelle,
Thank you for your insights on such a complex topic, because freedom means so many different things depending on the things that imprisoned us in the first place, and sometimes we yearn for freedom, but still don't recognise it when it comes.
Your post reminds me of a verse in the bible, that our desires wage war against our souls, which is true because strong desires create a soul imbalance, just as you write. Yes, we all want this elusive freedom right now, but the key or tragedy is in the definition. Because if we start with the wrong idea as to what freedom is, whatever we find in our search of it still doesn't set us free.

Ha, isn't life a maze? Thank you for seeking to encourage all of us here to seek freedom.
I hope that you enjoy your weekend.

Thank you for message and insightful comments, you are so right. Wishing you every happiness. X

Hello, Michelle,

There were countless times when I listened more to the voices of well-meaning people than the voice inside me. It turned out that pleasing other people rather listening to my conviction brought me to a roller coaster ride that eventually led to depression.

Thank you for this loving reminder.

Here’s to knowing YOUR own truth and power hun. Xxx

Jul 31
Jul 31

Nice poet, thanks for sharing.