Are you Actively Choosing In Your Life?

Posted September 6, 2020 from New Zealand

Y O U    A R E    A L W A Y S    F R E E   T O   C H O O S E

But you gotta take a good look around and see what’s on offer.


So often we think what we have is great, yet our body and our emotions tell us differently.


We drop down into doing more, getting more shit done, or maybe more procrastinating, anything to drown out the real message…

La la la – I can’t hear you.


Things are good, in fact, better than good, they are great.

Awesome, but are they aligned?


They might have been aligned five years ago,

But we darling we move on, we morph, we change,

You are a river, not a stagnant pond,but we get afraid to release what is great incase the next thing is hard,

or scary,

or god forbid traumatic,

or sucky.

And you what, the next thing might all of these things, but even if it is, it won’t be for long.


We are here to change.


Did you know that you are a whole new person every 7 years!!

Yup, the 7-year itch is embedded in our physiology.

So why do we resist change so much?




It. is that simple,

We are afraid of change because the world tells us to be,

Yet deep in your heart, you know that change is required,

You know that the meadow beyond is calling you.


Fuck the fear monster whispering sweet little lies in your ear “the grass is not always greener” “be grateful for what you have”


But you know the grass is greener,

You know you are meant for success, not mediocracy, not ‘ good enough’.


You know that your destiny is beckoning,

And if you turned off netflix, and took a quiet moment to yourself, then you would hear your soul loud and clear.


I don’t know if I have told you all this, but 19 years ago in 2001, I stopped watching the news after 9/11 broke my heart, and it was the best thing I ever did.


It quieted the chatter,

It turned down he volume on fear,

And it let me soar.


After that day, after I decided to choose me, and to choose to spread good in the world, my life took off,

My relationships improved,

My business when gangbusters (whatever that means)

And I became deeply connected to my soul (again).


And now, today, this month of September, I am choosing to ditch the rest of TV as well.

I will no longer let busyness into my life,

I choose to listen to my soul messages loud and clear instead.

There will be books,

There might be the occasional movie with hubby (since he loves them),

But there will be no time-wasting and hiding with a Netflix series.


I choose from this day forth to feel the burn and discomfort of my thoughts so that I can rise up and empower women wholeheartedly.


There is literally nothing more important,

And I choose YOU,

I choose to inspire you,

I choose to be here should you need to talk,

I choose to say the hard shit that no one else to willing to say to help your eyes become fully open.


Together we shall rise,


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Tamarack Verrall
Sep 06
Sep 06

Hello Michelle,
I love this: "I choose from this day forth to feel the burn and discomfort of my thoughts so that I can rise up and empower women wholeheartedly". So true that we continue to grow and change if we can keep looking in ourselves for that growth. It is empowering to read your words and remember that we can create our own new paths, and if we don't have that right, we need to work together to make sure we all do.

Hi Tamarack, absolutely, we must make sure that all women are free to grow and choose.

Sep 07
Sep 07

Beautiful. Well articulated. Just like a poem. Thanks for sharing.
"Together we shall rise".

Thank you Chidimma xx

Beth Lacey
Sep 15
Sep 15

You are giving us a very generous offer

Thanks Beth, we really do have to rise each other up

Sep 19
Sep 19

Thank you for sharing Sister.