It is time to RISE

Posted October 24, 2020 from New Zealand

You know exactly what you are here to do.

But when your soul whispers in your ear, 

When the tingles crawl over your body,

After a fleeting moment of illumination and an intense shot of joy ricocheting through your body, you slump back to reality.


The waves are getting bigger, 

Your soul is YELLING at you, 

And the peaks and troughs are getting harder to ride,

The crash down is fucking exhausting,

The intense elation is getting harder to resist.


Yet resist you do,

You roll out of bed,

You put your feet on the floor,

And do what you have been TOLD works,

You follow the formula, but you know it won't work for you even as you do it.

But still, you persist,

With the stories ringing in your ears...


"Be a good girl now, get your head out of the clouds and get on with what life has served you".

"Oh darling, why do you do this to yourself, you have these grand ideas and you are all steam for a minute or two and then nothing, give yourself a break, and just fit the mold already will you"

" I only say this because I care, please, conserve your energy, just focus will you, on one socially acceptable thing at a time".



And so on with your day your trudge, your heart in tatters yet again.

Your soul weeping not so quietly,

Snot running down its little chin.

You shoulder the crushing weight of resentment and 'do what needs to be done'.

You are making a living, after all, there is food on your table,

Stop being delusional, and just be happy with what you have.


But you cant,

You would rather get off the world,

The time is coming,

The energy is rising in you,

You can no longer deny your spiritual nature,

It is coming ready or not.


You feel the fear, and if you are honest, you kinda like it!

You know that world needs you to step up and lead.

You know that is it time to reach, to stand out from the crowd.


Yes you COULD make a million offers, and a million other products and ALL of them would be successful, you are just that kinda gal.

But the one thing that wants to be birthed, the one shining thing from your soul that you keep putting on the back burning and doing 600 other things to distract yourself,

It is time for that sucker to be released.

It will NOT continue to be silenced without a cost.


I know you feel it rising.

And I call you forth.


It is time to stop P R E T E N D I N G already that you are just a cog in the wheel, you know that what you bring is the SOLUTION and it is time to stop hiding.


You don't need another damn strategy.

You need to lead.

You need to be brave.

You need to honor your calling.

The rest is just bullshit.


Stand up, sister.

The time is now.


Together we shall rise,


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Tamarack Verrall
Oct 24
Oct 24

Hi Michelle,
Poetry from deep in your mind. "You know that world needs you to step up and lead". Yes, we are here to do this together. When we meet another determined to find the strength, we all become stronger to do the same.

Thank you :)