If You Wanna Feel Better Instantly - Here is How

Posted October 29, 2020 from New Zealand

Hey beautiful pulsers,

Before I begin today, I just have to say that this is literally my favourite place to show up and 'talk\share my message". You are all such wonderful, sparkly women here to do good in the world, and I align with that hardout.

So even though you are already high vibe, there is always room to take it up a notch right? 

Today I share some really cool tools and tips for raising your vibe - which I just happen to believe also heals the world (just saying - if you do this high vibing, if you clean up your energy, you are also contributing to improving things for the world and everyone that lives in it).

There are three factors which muddy up your vibe and energy.

1. Our own bs stories

2. Societies bs expectations

3. Others energy


Hmm, we all have them, and there is always a new layer to uncover and deal with.  When we allow ourselves to buy into the stories that keep us small, we squash the soul messages that want to come through us.  We squash em because we are afraid we will sound silly or that we will be judged and maybe even experience severe backlash/punishment.  But expressing your soul does not HAVE to be done out loud. I mean, mine is lol, but that is my life path and I am in a place where it is safe (mostly) to do that, and so I do that indeed in order to inspire others and set them free. But we can tap into and express our soul messges without even externalizing them.

Next time your soul has a message for you, stop, breathe in the feeling, and ask "what is the aligned action that I get to take right now?". 

That action might be to write, or talk into your phone, or to pick flowers, or to simply sit and do nothing. When we take aligned actions, we automatically raise our vibes. And that is my point here, take time to nourish yourself in the vibes of soul and everything around you will become so much easier. 

*How to recognize soul is a whole other post, but basically, you will FEEL it, it vibes at a different level, it feels super fun, exuberant, kind, powerful, like an armful of puppies, and just 'right' somehow.*



There are hundreds of them. And if we allow everything on our to-do-list to be DONE before we allow time for ourselves, we will NEVER get around to it.

And then slowly each and every day gets harder and harder and harder. If you want to vibe high and delight your soul so you can make others around you happier too then doing something fun and delightful every morning is the best time you can spend. Get up earlier to do it!  Walk on the grass. Snuggle a dog. Pick flowers. Whatever would be fun for you.



This is the one that makes the biggest difference when you need to feel better and to up-level.  We absorb others' energy by talking to them, being around them, and sometimes thinking about them.  When you scroll facebook you are absorbing every fear vibe and low energy that is there, that is, you are absorbing hundreds of energies that don't align with you. Same with news, ie radio, online paper, tv - when you listen to these messages you are allowing that energy into your soul. 

Take a moment to think about that.

You don't just become what you eat, you become what you absorb. 

It that energy and those messages that you are absorbing helping you and allowing you to show up as your best version self (and therefore healing the world) or are they holding you back?

I stopped watching the news after 9/11 and my life changed radically.


Food for thought huh?

I would love to hear your views and thoughts.


Together, we shall rise.


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Jill Langhus
Oct 31
Oct 31

Hi Michelle,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your valuable, energy tips. I totally agree about not watching the news.

I hope you and your family are doing well, and that you're having a great weekend.