Why Going The Rabbit Hole Can Be A Good Thing - Have You Been To Tanty Town Recently???

Posted November 9, 2020 from New Zealand



Staying on task can be hard.

There is so much to pull your attention away.

So many distractions. So many delicious and tempting distractions.


So many legitimate distractions, clients to call, emails to answer, that free article to write that promises exposure, that free training that promises you the golden ticket to better sales.

Not to mention all the household and outer world distractions.


But we pull up our britches, fasten our 'big girl panties' and soldier on. We can do it! I mean, hello, we are an entrepreneur/woman/mum right???????


We got what it takes.

So we flit from one thing to the next, and flit back, and flit forward, and flit up, and flit down.... over and over again, shifting, hustling, pivo-fuck-iting... until we FLIP OUT.


Oh here comes the meltdown, hello meltdown city, it has been a while! Yet you recognize the lay of the land well, you have been here many times!


As you lay sobbing on the floor wondering how in darnation you ended up here again, you feel a little glimmer, a little twinkle somewhere off in the depths of your soul. You feel the tug, and recognize the sound of your soul's voice.


You see, here in meltdown city, when all the toys have been evicted from the cot, and the task list has been torn into shreds, and the family has been shrieked in submission, and the world has been told to eff off, there is nothing but space.

L O N G. S T E T C H I N G. S I L E N T. S P A C E.


Space, that quiet dark, all-consuming, soothing blanket.

It feels free somehow.

It feels like home somehow.

You vaguely think that you should be feeling raw, lonely, sorry, but you aren't... you feel serene, you feel free.


Your body begins to tingle with anticipation. What if you just BURNT IT ALL DOWN? Chucked it all out? What if you just said, ok, you win, all this (as you stretch your arms wide and spin in a circle) can burn the hell down! all of it! GONE!


And as you cackle wildly, you release, you unattach, you become FREE.

And then you feel BETTER. Say whaaaattt?

How are you feeling better?

You are at rock bottom, in tanty town, and you have burnt it all to the ground!


Wanna know why you feel better?

Well, darling, it is simple.

You feel better because you can FOCUS.


When you have SPACE you can FOCUS on your SOUL and what it is telling you to do.


You see, we live in a world where we get FOMO so easily, where we get dragged down every rabbit hole, and where we lose focus on what really matters.


It is the number one thing that really matters to living and delivering your soul purpose - F O C U S!


Because without focus you cannot hear your soul.

Without focus, you end up overwhelmed and in tanty town.

Without focus you are just hustling - often in the wrong direction.

You can DO LESS but CREATE MORE if you focus.

You can change the world AND live your best life when you focus.


You are here for great things.

Commit to you.

Commit to soul.

Shine your light.


Together we shall rise.


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Jill Langhus
Nov 11, 2020
Nov 11, 2020

Hello Michelle,

How are you doing? Thanks for the inspiring post! I need that:-)

Hope you and your family are well and that you have a great week.

Jennifer Zeng
Nov 25, 2020
Nov 25, 2020

Hello Michelle,

Thank you for the inspiring post! Very thoughtful!