Don't be afraid to be different

Posted November 23, 2020 from New Zealand

Don't be afraid to step out boldly,

Don't be afraid to be different,

Don't be afraid to colour outside the lines.

And don't E V E R dim down, dumb down, or water down your message.


If you don't fit the mould darling, it is because you are here to change things.

If you dilute your message, if you tweak it to make it palatable, more readable, better received or understood then you are f***ing with the core of the message.


That message is not meant for you, it is meant for your tribe.

So even if you cringe as you are typing it out, even if you read back over it (which I suggest you don't do) and curl up a bit on inside as you imagine the people who 'don't get you' reading it - be brave, hit send!


I promise that bravely being all of you is the secret to success.

I have travelled the path, I have tried on versions of me that society loved, and they all made me wanna check out.

Being me is the O N L Y way that I can be now.

Kinda like a sleeping bag, once out, you are never gonna quite fit back in there the same. Accept that, embrace that.


You are not here to fit in.

You are here to change the world.


Be bright.

Be you.

Stay strong.


Together, we shall rise


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Nov 24, 2020
Nov 24, 2020

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Yes, "Together we shall rise".