The energetic shift is happening ready or not

Posted January 6, 2021 from New Zealand

The shift, whether we like it or not is coming. What shift? the shift in consciousness, the shift towards us all being one, the shift towards businesses that are in it to change the world instead of making a quick buck, the shift to healing the earth instead of making her cry. It is time to onboard the train. You are either ON THE TRAIN or OFF THE TRAIN You cannot be both! You either bought a ticket, turned up, and got on. Or you did not even know about the train and so did not get on, or you bought a ticket and forgot to turn up. Either way, you are on or off - you cannot be half on a train, it is not possible. You have felt it for ages now, right? That things are changing or at least that they need to change???? And changing they are. But, We are afraid to leap. We cling to the old because we know it. When we know something we know what the outcomes will be, it predictable and safe! your brain likes safe!!! BUT Your soul does not fucking love safe. It wants more! It is ready for more! It is begging you to stop with the settling already... It is asking you to board the train, get on it. I did a post a while ago about my beautiful old doggo teaching us all a lesson in getting the good stuff in life. I had given him a little rawhide bone but was cleaning out the dog treat draw (yes there is a whole draw for that lol) and picked up the super-duper massive ' I have just endured a bath' bone and he literally spat out the little rawhide and come and ASKED for, nay DEMANDED the big bone. His lesson? YOU GOTTA LET GO OF THE LITTLE AND SAFE TO REACH FOR THE BIG AND GRAND. AND... YOU GOTTA FUCKING ASK. YOU DON'T AKS YOU DON'T GET. But alas we are afraid to let go because we come from a lack thinking. What if the new thing sucks? What if I don't make any money from the new thing? What if everyone thinks I am a dick/greedy/crazy [insert ad nasuem]? But here is the thing - we are MEANT to grow. Have you seen someone stuck and clinging to the old way of life, the old version of them, old toxic relationships in case something better is not around the corner .... do those mofos look happy to you? I THINK NOT. Unless you want to slowly decline, slowly decay... Get onboard the train - P L E A S E I want you to reach the success that you know is your birthright. The universe wants to support you to do that. Your true soul family wants that for you too. And darling? it is YOURS ALREADY, You just gotta ask for it! Together we shall rise, Michelle

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Nini Mappo
Jan 07
Jan 07

Dear Michelle,
The shift reminds me of all the grassroots sisters on this platform working in social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. This army of women both healing the earth and wiping the tears of her daughters. It would be wonderful if the capitalist world can catch up.
I hope that you've had a wonderful, hope-filled start to the year :)

Hi Nini,
Gratefully I believe the capitalist world is catching up, they are being forced to wake up