Marriage is a altar

Posted October 28, 2021 from Senegal

Mainly in Africa mother's encourage their children to endure a cheating spouse, abuser etc because they will say they have endured more than this during their own time but that's not okay, as a parent let's teach our children now form this tender age the beauty of marriage and also what's is deposited in a child at a tender age will not depart, there's a saying that goes it's manner of a person will make people address or see you the way you want it, it's give peace and joy to us as a woman when we have a happy home. Thank you 

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Regina Afanwi Young
Oct 28
Oct 28

Hello dear sis. Lovely right up. I hope every parent will also teach their children at a tender age about Gender based violence which is very prevelent in our African context. It's important to know services they can access just in case they find themselves in abusive relationship or marriages. Looking forward to reading from you again.
Sending hugs

Oct 30
Oct 30

Greetings to you sis
Thank you for your voice! It's never okay to accept brutal behaviour from a spouse. I agree sister, let's educate our children. Thank you for your powerful message.

Much love