Happy Birthday To Me

Milipa Thapa
Posted February 2, 2019 from Nepal

Years and years back, right on this day, I was born. From that day to this date, I walked through many known and unknown paths. I crossed all these paths with my head, always high. To my knowledge, I did not compromise my dignity for anything else. I might not be an obedient daughter but I have always been responsible to my duties and actions. If God had done one welfare with humans taking our birth consent before sending us here, I would say big ‘NO’ to my birth. I am the laziest human being I have ever met, but I can’t stand out without giving my 100% energy and honesty to the work I do. I am lazy with the roles I have to do here for my existence, but again my principle do not let me stay idle. And I have only question with no answer to the reason for all the things I have to do here. Overall, I am happy with my birth. I have got several reasons to be happy on this Earth. I am blessed:

to be the daughter of living goddess whom I follow and respect and sister of two siblings gifted by her.

to be the friend of those few souls whom I blindly follow and share my personal to professional sorrow and success. I can count my friends on one hand, but they have made a huge impact in my life.

to be the student of Asian University For Women which gave me an opportunity to visit more than 17 different nations through the lens of my international friends and teachers. They made me believe that life is not easy anywhere. From the peaceful Bhutan to the war-ravaged Syria, we all are fighting in one or the other way for our survival.

to be the citizen of Nepal where I can enjoy diverse flavor of nature in one Nation.

Happiest Birthday to me. I hope the world will be lively, peaceful and beautiful place to live in.

If I have ever hurt you, please gift me your precious "forgiveness" as a birthday present.

Thanks for having me somewhere in this world. I am not rude as I act. If you think your life is falling apart and you are weeping there alone: any friends, acquaintances, and strangers, I can be your friend. I never judge you by your situation.


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Jill Langhus
Feb 02
Feb 02

Hi Milipa,

Happy Birthday, dear! Thanks for sharing your introspective post with us. I wish you wouldn't be so hard on yourself, though. What makes you think that you are disobedient or lazy? Those are pretty harsh criticisms and beliefs to have about yourself. Please let us turn around those beliefs for you? Please forgive yourself, first, for anything you feel you have done wrong or "not enough" of to believe these things about yourself. No one is perfect; rather we are imperfectly perfect because we are all human.

I hope you have a nice birthday and great celebration of you, dear!

Dawn Arteaga
Feb 04
Feb 04

Happy birthday! Beautifully said!!

Feb 08
Feb 08

Happy Birthday my dear and Many more years
Much love sis

Jacqueline Namutaawe

Indeed I join many others in wishing you a belated Happy Birthday here's to many more fulfilling years.

Jane Frances Mufua
Mar 06
Mar 06

Happy Birthday and many more happy returns.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Dear Milipa,
Happy birthday to you and hope you had a blessed day. Don't be so hard on yourself. We are all human and can never be 100 percent however much we try. Always be grateful for each day and try and reach your goals for the day.
Stay blessed and have a great day.

Hello, Milipa,

How are you? Just read your birthday post. Belated happy birthday! Yes, you are so blessed indeed. Wow, you've been to 17 countries already. I hope I can visit 17 countries in my lifetime, too.

Oh, please be kind to yourself. A lazy person could not even get up to travel to the next city. Haha.

Thanks for sharing your life in this post.

Anjana Vaidya
Sep 13
Sep 13

Dear Milipa,
Your gratitude is so nice. Thank you for sharing a nice piece.
best regards,

Anita Shrestha

Thank you for sharing