My first open letter to my first newborn Niece

Milipa Thapa
Posted March 20, 2019 from Nepal

My dearest Niece,

I feel the warmest atmosphere ever by your presence today. Home has brightened up to the full light with your arrival. Before you even entered the world, your mother and I had anticipated you to be the baby girl. And, finally you are here! Your sister is just out of words to express this happy moment for fulfilling our wishes with your warm arrival. 

I am already excited for your new beginning and before you start knowing this world and growing before our very eyes, there are only little things I want you to know and it can all wait for now but still life is unpredictable, and I want to share few of them right at this moment when I am still here.

I only want you to be the power of kindness—always ready to help people in need without judgment and hesitation. I will surely admire your boldness with gentleness.

Great things are not always big. Do not follow the world’s perception on “success”. You always try to be the best version of yourself. You do not need to take part in unhealthy competition to be the most successful one. We are here neither to win nor to lose anything. The only success you can get in this life is through your happiness. I want you learn to be happy in little things in a great way. Please, do not compromise your happiness for anyone else, even for your parents. On this life journey, you will meet many people whom you can never make happy, satisfy and complete. In such situation with those ungrateful people, I do not want you to get angry or pissed off. Just do your duty from your side that is needed to be done with your happy heart.

My little one, expectation hurts. Give people whatever you can but never expect anything in return. Your effort and your generosity will surely be paid off someday. I want you to be generous.

I do not want you to spend your days only by watching electronics screen. You know, these days people are spending much of their valuable time looking at the screen and I too do the same and I hope I will be able to change myself very soon. I want you to be connected with nature and our locally available resources and believe me, you will find more happiness and excitement with this rather than keeping your eyes busy all the time in electronic screens.

My little one, you are not obligated to follow or fulfill certain criteria made by this constructive society just because of your gender. So be your own kind of beautiful, little baby.

My niece, I will keep on writing you. Be grateful for having your loveliest parents and I hope you will get your beautiful name soon. I had chosen you a name, but your handsome, choosy Daddy wants something connected with Lotus. I am still thinking for your name that you will thanks me later. Stay healthy, happy and kind.

 This is my first letter to my first niece. Today, I take this opportunity to write my words for all the newly born baby girl. You all are special.

Your Sister,






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Mar 21
Mar 21

Thank you for this--as it remind me many years back when I could write letters to many

Mar 21
Mar 21

Congratulations for the new born baby girl, she’s lucky to have an aunt like you.
You will be a great role modal to her.
Best wishes!

Jill Langhus
Mar 21
Mar 21

HI Milipa,

Thanks so much for sharing your very sweet letter to your niece. So much wisdom in what you're saying to her.

Hope you're having a great day!

Beth Lacey
Mar 21
Mar 21

You are special too

Mar 22
Mar 22

When a girl is born the world is happy, because evolution, development, empowerment, Growth,love and peace continuity is guaranteed to the next generations to come through her

Hello, Milipa,

What a sweet, loving gift to give to a newborn girl! These words can be kept for ages and even be a source of guidance as she grows up to face the realities of this world.

I too emphasize kindness to my sons. Even though one has special needs and could barelt undertand and the other one will be turning two years old, I’m telling them that above all, I wish for them to be kind.

I love this letter so much. Thank you for sharing!