But what in return is that I get?

Milipa Thapa
Posted March 31, 2019 from Nepal

I am a burning Candle:

helping others with the bright rays of light,

melting myself I gave my life,

burning throughout not a trace of me remains,

but what in return is that I get?


 I am a worthless being:

dancing on your hands when you like,

crying at the corner when you are hostile,

bringing smile on your face,

breaking legs for your sake,

but what in return is that I get?


 I am a machine:

working whole life without resting,

abandoned to isolation when once I began rusting,

sacrificing my whole life for your welfare,

but what in return is that I get?


I am a doormat:

lying at your door always,

carrying heaps of feet dust on top of my head,

stretching and squeezing I remain silent,

am torn to pieces, a scene so violent,

but what in return is that I get?


 I am a pair of shoes:

protecting your feet from the thorns on your way,

bringing smile on your face when I am new and gay,

serving you till I am torn with my strength and fate,

but what in return is that I get?


I am petty little things in your life:

carrying little or no importance at all,

serving you all the time sometimes I rise and mostly I fall,

making life easy for you is all my concern,

and what I ask for is just a little love and respect in return.


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Jill Langhus
Apr 01
Apr 01

Hi Milipa,

Thanks for sharing your sad but insightful poem. Is this about the woman in the newspaper photo? Poor thing.

Milipa Thapa
Apr 02
Apr 02

Dear Jlanghus,
Thank you. Please have a look on this news. Very sad. :(

Jill Langhus
Apr 03
Apr 03

You're welcome:-) Oh, wow. This is horrible:-(

Hannah B
Apr 03
Apr 03

Hi Milpa,
Than you for sharing your beautiful writing with us!
I am sorry to see that it is in response to such a horrible crime.
I hope that you are well and I look forward to reading more of your writing.
Kind regards,

Apr 29
Apr 29

Hi Milipa, its really sad how we use and dump without giving a thought that there was time these items were very useful. Its sad and the emotions we spend when it is our turn to be discarded. Am sure tradition is soliditeit behind the doctor but i het you someday it Will be the doctors turn. Thank you for sharing

Beth Lacey
May 01
May 01

So very sad.

May 19
May 19

I tried meditating on the things you are:
1. Pair of shoes
2. Doormat
3. Machine

All these are effective tools, so you definitely are useful. I love reading through. Thanks for sharing your post. I hope you are doing great?