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Posted July 25, 2015 from United States
me trying to do my part
me trying to do my part (1/2)

I know many people might not like this idea and may even look down upon it or harass me about it but this is an idea that could change the the health of millions of people all around the world every mammal Gets what it needs from its mother where have we come as a species to take milk from another Woman's milk is far more better for all humans there are all different kinds of health benefits involving breast milk for new age infants to the elderly why can't we start converting over to breastmilk I guess what I'm asking is it there are any women out there that are willing to help start a revolution yes the pay may be small at first but with everybody converting over will be so much worth it if there is any women out therethat are willing to start a business involving breast milk or instead of going to work you will go somewhere where you can pump for a little while and go home as a normal day of work

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Drew Dakessian
Jul 27, 2015
Jul 27, 2015

Hi there, Milklover,

Am I correct in my understanding that you are suggesting commodifying breast milk for sale to human consumers? If so, this is indeed an interesting idea. I did some Googling, and it looks like the sale of breast milk is not a new concept — and more importantly, that there some risks involved. This article sums up the issue pretty well.

Also, what you seem to be suggesting is not one-time, direct producer-to-consumer milk sale transactions, but rather a milk bank. Is that right? If so, assuming all the health risks the CNN article mentions could somehow be averted, who do you suppose might run and fund such a bank?

Keep writing,