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About Me

Am a mother of 2 youths aged 21 and 18 and aged 46 years. I grew up in a polygamous household as my dad had 3 wives and a number of concubines, who altogether gave birth to his 24 children. Growing up in such a big family has helped in my walk as an activist and I have never had a problem with the "BIG PICTURE", literally!
I joined HIV activism in 2003, a year after my husband died from AIDS related complications of TB/Meningitis and have never looked back. I always say that I was pushed into leadership, having been shy middle child in a big household. I was educated at a Catholic school, so you can imagine the inhibtions that I came with even when I was finally elected as the National Chairperson of the Country Network, NZP+. Thankfully, by the time I had served my first term, I was an out of the box African Feminist and I decided I needed to take a break from trying to clean up the mess (!!) that the patriarchial socialisation had eked out! I realised that I needed time for me to grow not only spiritually but also artistically. So, am now a budding writer as well as a designer of beaded jewellry and a budding artist... Reading, writing poetry, mentoring young people especially women being a single mum / a volunteer / living in today Zambia Facilitating / Motivational speaking / Public speaking

My Vision

Better economic Empowerment of not only women but the youth as well as a nation free from HIV related stigma