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About Me

I am a 43 years old woman, a wife and a mother of one girl aged 21 and 3 boys aged 18, 17 and 10.

Dispite poverty and
disrimination against educating girls, I braved the odds and got myself education to the university level from a rural home. I was the first girl in our community to go to the university.
I broke the silence about discrimination on girls' education. Today, many girls have gone to the university in that community just because I proved it is possible.

In my new found community, I am surrounded with women who never went to school due to this discrimination. They live desperate lives. I got concerned to do something to change their situation. I do empower them and their lives change to the positive. This act has earned me a training opportunity with Empowerment Institute in the NYC, USA.

My Vision

To empower disenfranchised young women to realise who they are and rise up to take their positions and be in charge of improvingtheir lives


Market for craft work that women do make.
More technical support with artwork.
Funding for the activities
Resources where possible


An empowerment workshop facilitator
computer literate
Bead artwork/ crocheting.
A mentor


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