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Posted May 3, 2020 from India

The covid-19 epidemic is causing death in every country today.  Every country seems to be trying very hard to face this.  But no one can gain control.  The form of the disease is getting worse day by day.  Local issues are also plaguing the people.  It is seen that people are suffering from death due to fear.  But the negative power is seen spreading in the society through social media.  Now is not the time to think, but to take a decision and work with the basic mantra of preventing this epidemic.  Everyone should strictly follow all the rules of the government and make the people aware of its seriousness.  At the same time, we are reducing the atmosphere of fear in the society by creating awareness among the people in many ways and working day and night to solve its problems.  This epidemic is not going to end so easily.  The epidemic is the dream, the world, the industry, the business and the life of many.  The epidemic seems to be doing its job fast.  To stop this, humans need to accelerate 100 times.  But we don't understand where we are going wrong because our bad habits children are failing to vote on the epidemic.  On the other hand, millions of people migrated to the city for work.  But now the factories, the industries are closed.  All the wheels of subsistence stopped and the problem increased.  Numerous philanthropists took to the streets to help, but there were many limitations that made it difficult to identify who the deserving, needy people were.  Due to the epidemic, the condition of beggars, shoe polishers, salons, shops and vegetable sellers is very serious.  We are trying to solve this problem with the cooperation of all.  Distributed food grains, food and essentials and provided pads.  Domestic violence is on the rise during this lockdown.  Women have to endure mental anguish but the fear of being spotted one day is at home, it needs planning.  Efforts need to be made at every level to prevent violence.

             At the institutional level, we are investigating the problem over the phone or in person.  There are a large number of women living alone who have a lot of problems.  The breads are off, the society is not paying the price already and now seeing all this epidemic we have decided to work for those women

This story was submitted in response to Dispatches from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Tamarack Verrall
May 03
May 03

Dear Minakshib,
It is through reports like this one of yours that we are able to know what is happening, and what priorities need to be addressed, and what needs to change for the world that we are envisioning here together, globally. "...the condition of beggars, shoe polishers, salons, shops and vegetable sellers is very serious".
"Domestic violence is on the rise. Efforts need to be made at every level to prevent violence". The extra hardships and the increased violence toward women need to be a priority, as you have described here, and as similar stories are arising in so many countries we are stronger together in making this known. Best wishes for this critically important work, and may our connections with each other grow all the stronger to make long term change.
In sisterhood,

Hello, Minakshib,

We all have an invisible enemy. No country is really prepared to fight this and we can see the alarming number of cases increases day by day.

You are right that we all need to accelerate a hundred times to fight this, but we don’t have all the answers.

We hear your call. We stand with you. Thank you for sharing! Please stay safe.

May 04
May 04

Thank you for sharing Dear sister.

Beth Lacey
May 04
May 04

We all have to join together to beat this enemy

Madhuri Deshkar
May 05
May 05

Thanks sent your story.