If mother is pure then how menstrual cycle is impure

Posted May 28, 2020 from India
Share information about World menstrual hygiene day.

There is a need to raise awareness in India on the occasion of World Menstrual Hygiene Day.  Karan is still misunderstood about menstruation in rural areas.  There is a lot of superstition about that.  Women are treated with contempt.  Separated from family.  They are not involved in religious activities.  All these factors affect the health and mentality of children and women.  Therefore, it is the duty of the human race to dispel the misconceptions about menstruation.  It is important to treat women with dignity instead of isolating them during this time.  Because it is menstruation, it is possible to become a mother.  Today, on the occasion of this global menstrual cycle, it is necessary to say that Pali is sacred.  So when I inquired about Kovid-19 by phone call, it was found that 50% of women and girls in rural areas still do not use pads, so our organization has put sanitary pads for sale to the women of the self-help group in the field.  As a result, the women of the village get information about pads and the pads are also available, which helps in maintaining health and financial empowerment.  So far, pads have been made available in 70 villages by 65 self help groups.  During this lock down, our organization has provided pads to women in the village itself.  Thus World Menstrual Hygiene Day was celebrated

This story was submitted in response to Menstruation Matters.

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Karen Quiñones-Axalan
May 28, 2020
May 28, 2020

Hello, Minakshib,

Happy World Menstrual Hygiene Day!

50% is a high number, and it’s heartbreaking to know that there are many women and girls who are facing challenges on their menstrual pads.

Thank you for sharing your voice on this issue.
Please stay safe!

Julie Desai
May 30, 2020
May 30, 2020

So true

Thelma obani 2020
May 31, 2020
May 31, 2020

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Beth Lacey
Jun 03, 2020
Jun 03, 2020

It is so good that you are helping these women