Importance of Technology for the Women

Posted June 30, 2020 from India
Making work easy by using Technology
Making work easy by using Technology (1/2)

connect with a woman in Aurangabad district and do the work of empowerment, I see a lot of things while working. Because I work in the rural field, it is definitely technical. So I thought how many days we trust others  But I started to work with my child and learned a lot of things, and I started to get a little more and in several days I started working from my laptop and mobile.  But I had to go through a lot of problems. How to read mail, how to respond.  I had to go through a lot of problems like this. When I went to World Pulse, I got tanning and I started doing this work slowly, I started understanding the language and I wrote the story of Aura, sending it, reading it.  All I am doing right now is my organization work. I have given training to 100 women online. I was also able to connect with the woman in the occasion of the lockdown and solved their problem well, so it all became easier for me than technology.  And in the future, I have to connect with many women and do the work of empowerment, then I will be able to work through technology.

This story was submitted in response to #SheTransformsTech.

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Jun 30
Jun 30

Thank you for sharing .

Hello, Minakshib,

How are you doing? I love that your are learning to use technology even when you do a lot of rural work. I'm proud of your persistence to learn and to transfer your knowledge to 100 more women. Great job, sister!

May more women, especially those living in the rural areas, learn to use technology. Thank you for sharing your story!

Julie Desai
Jul 11
Jul 11

Thank you for sharing