Thank you Jensine and World Pulse magazine

Minouche Graglia
Posted November 21, 2009 from United States
One year later with Jensine and grandmother Flordemayo in front of t
One year later with Jensine and grandmother Flordemayo in front of t
One year later with Jensine and grandmother Flordemayo in front of t (1/2)

Greetings everyone

When I met Jensine for the first time ,she was presenting the first edition of World pulse magazine. In it was an article about the 13 indigenous grandmothers council.....Deeply touched and inspired by their amazing work for peace and harmony .....Prayers in action ,for the 7 next generations....honoring ,respecting ,reconnecting,embracing and healing Earth,all walk of life and all living creatures.... in my heart I wished one day I meet them..... Then Spirit started to say " it is time to paint the peace leaders "..... So I did And created "Peace makers" ,a 9 by 5 feet painting ,made with natural earth pigments only ... Six month of Heart opening ,,,,crying,laughing,feeling the Joy nd the sufferings of all... And Spirit took me to the 5th council ,in Grotton ,NW Upstate ..December 2008... Words will never express the beauty and the Love of this magical moment ,when the painting was unfold before the council.....My dream was coming true ....Each Grand mother ,tears of joy ,hugging ,blessing and laughing .... Grandmother Flordemayo was first jumping out of her chair to hug me ...Flordemayo ,when painting her ,I was saving the seeds of my fruits and veggies,not knowing why...Flordemayo founded the bank of the seeds in New many others incredible connection during that time...

A shamanic journey into the web of Life ,remembering we all are One,

Today ,I want to Thank Jensine . Thank you for your incredible dedication to the world,connecting our voices ,as one expression of Life.Remembering the importance of respect to one another.Offering space for our heart to speak .Supporting all the women and our children in the struggle of our challenges,for a beter future So much Love there .Love , Faith and courage

For all that you inspire Thank you Jensine and all the World pulse magazine staff and members Thank you to all my sisters and brothers around the world for being there Praying for peace on Earth and in the Heart of mankind. Blessings to all In gratitude Minouche

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