Terra Madre

Minouche Graglia
Posted December 27, 2009 from United States

Greetings everyone I would like to share with you my latest painting : Terra Madre She is an allegory to mother Earth giving birth to all living creatures from the Heart,an invitation to reconnect, respect and support all our relations. She is dedicated to support Wildlife protection.

The painting is made with Natural Earth Pigments on a 6 by 6 feet canvas

Terra Madre

The Call behind the painting  "As I was holding a stone, I was hearing : " At the beginning, the seed of life was in the Heart center, then it went further down. We created you from our Heart."  Then soon after, as I was in the presence of the crystal skull Sha Na Ra at the Song and Spirit center, I received this magnificent vision and how Life was born on Earth. All from the same Source. The Heart center. And I painted "Terra Madre", our Mother Earth.

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Dec 30, 2009
Dec 30, 2009

Dear Minouche,

I love your painting, it is beautiful and shows the many elements of mother earth. Great work! Please continue to share your inspiration with us, what a lovely picture to begin this day with. Thank you!


Meenakshi Suri
Jul 22, 2010
Jul 22, 2010

I love the way you call your painting 'mam_earth. It is earthy and seems familiar; and then I go into the details and glimpse the sublime!

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