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Mirabel Erute OBE
Posted February 23, 2020 from Nigeria


My Name is Mirabel OBE (Nee Ohwota) growing up was fun for me and my siblings. Dad was an Accountant who worked for Delta Steel Company (DSC), Aladja, Delta State. This company could be likened to the Shell and Chevron of today. 

I remember Dad telling me he declined NNPC offer for DSC. Dad was well paid, and we were all living a very good life, in fact we were living a secluded life from the real hustle in the world. Working in DSC gives you the opportunity of staying in the Housing complex, your kids attending Nursery - Secondary school in the complex (Best Schools in Delta state then), medical facility in the complex, police station in the complex, church in the complex and even banks in the complex, you  could imagine staying with white people in same complex and having to use same you facilities with them. 

Did I tell you even in the house you stay the company buys as far as to curtain and cooking gas for you. So, it was a lifestyle of luxury.

Now mum, she was a determined lady who grew up in a typical farm settlement in the west who was also determined to be schooled, she got trained at the then College of Education Warri which earned her a teaching Offer in the Delta state Civil service.

Back to Dad, he never saw the need for extra source of income as he was sure the company was a stable one, being the best Steel company in west African then. Mum was also content with what she earned as a teacher, though she tried her hands on several businesses, but failed.

Fast forward to when I got into secondary school, the company announced retrenchment and redundancy of staff. I could remember we automatically became prayer warriors as list were sent out daily. It got to the account department; My Dad’s name was on the list.

 That brought us to a new phase of life, dad got into business with the savings he had, and I think out of lack of experience he failed, because he went straight into large scale manufacturing with so much anxiety. As a family we fell from Grace to grass, it was a terrible experience, the only thing we had to our names was an uncompleted building which was the only landed property he had and that was because my mum insisted that he must acquire a land and stop living a borrowed life of DSC and failed Stock Shares which eventually  depreciated  till date. 

Life after DSC was hard on everyone, that I wouldn’t want to pen down for memory sake (Tear Drops). Dad sold his car, valuable belongings were sold to cater for the household, feeding became a problem, as we all depended on Mum’s meagre salary. 

Years Later, Dad died and the responsibilities of Five (5) Children rested solely on my Mum. 

That borne the Entrepreneurial and resilient Spirit in me, that I wasn’t going to be deceived by a paid job and there is nothing as consistently building an alternate stream of income as a #PLAN B.

I am #Mirabel OBE, I preach multiple streams of income.

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Anita Shrestha
Feb 24
Feb 24

Thank you for sharing dear

Metiege Noel Eve
Feb 25
Feb 25

Thanks for sharing sis always keep your head high despite all challenges.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Dear Mirabel,
How are you doing. Thank you so much for sharing your post. Am so glad that you didn't settle for a paid job. Many times we locked in jobs which don't contribute to our self development. Thank you for your resilient spirit and your consistency in building an alternate stream of income. It is always the determination. passion, consistency and resilience that makes us successful in life.
Thanks for sharing and am sure your have touched the hearts of many.
Have a lovely day.

Hello, Mirabel,

What a resilient daughter you are! You are so wise to make yourself self-sufficient by becoming an entrepreneur. Inspiring!

Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Mar 02
Mar 02

Such a courage,such passion, such resilience. In spite of all you rose and you are up,so proud of you. Today you help others and you teach others,such grate hope. Thanks for shearing

Mar 18
Mar 18

what an experience for you dear sister, i am happy that you squared your shoulders and braced your self for new experiences.
keep going sister

Mar 19
Mar 19

You are so right! many of us believe we have a stable position and dont actively try to develop side businesses or even interests that can become economic buoys if our "plan A" fails. Thank you for sharing your story Mirabel, that was incredibly brave and generous of you.

Beth Lacey
Mar 20
Mar 20

You are preaching very good advice

Mar 22
Mar 22

Thanks Mirabel for sharing your story. You are a courageous and inspiration to many of us.
Would it be possible for you to share more about your multiple streams of income and how other women might benefit from your wisdom?

Veronica Ngum Ndi
Mar 23
Mar 23

Dear Sister
You are a Shero. I admire your courage.Courage and God bless you
Veronica Ngum

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