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Empower Girls in Haiti, Provide Computer Training

Posted April 24, 2015 from Haiti
Expired on June 23, 2015

Empower Girls in Haiti, Provide them Computer Training The project is in response to the numerous constraints encountered by students, teachers and the community residents inKenscoff in accessing information to carry out research and information gathering as well as securing good jobs. The needs were expressed by the target beneficiaries themselves. Summary

Join us in providing enhanced educational opportunities for girls in Haiti through a fully-equipped, multimedia computer lab. The lab is contributing to and enhancing the quality of the education given to the girls enrolled in the school. Access to the computer technology is enhancing teaching and broadening learning opportunities for children and teachers alike.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Prior to the setting up of the lab, the girls did not have any access to computers. This effectively prevented access to a world of learning opportunities. Computer proficiency is required for any career path and they were disadvantaged. Furthermore, "because girls are participating in much fewer numbers and for shorter periods, particular attention to girls is essential, not only for the development of the country, but to fulfil the right of every child to education" - UNICEF.

How will this project solve this problem?

Learning opportunities through the computer lab is helping to prepare the girls for success in our computer-enabled and connected society. Technology is playing a huge role in educating and empowering them, helping them to build more secure and stable futures through increased knowledge, communication and access to information. A technology-proficient woman is more likely to attend university, have more secure, healthy families and contribute to the overall well-being of her home and community.

Potential Long Term Impact

Project contributes to achievement of UN Millennium goals, helping close the gender gap in education. It is an effective long-term investment, helping to eradicate poverty by enhancing education, broadening options and offering new opportunities. It offers great potential in terms of exposing the girls to much-needed computer technology and related opportunities. This exposure is helping to prepare the girls for our technology-aided world and for positions of future leadership.

Project Summary

Information Technology (IT) is indispensable in strategic development; nonetheless, many Haitians are computer illiterate due to lack of access to IT facilities. This disadvantaged position further marginalizes them and reinforces poverty. These facilities will facilitate access to quality information, thereby enhancing the teaching methodology and broadening the horizons of the pupils and their teachers. IT services will also help the beneficiaries establish strategic global linkages to promote learning and sharing.

Project Objectives

• To provide IT facilities for target beneficiaries

• To equip the target beneficiaries with IT skills to gain competitive edge in the labour market

• To facilitate access to quality and current information in order to enhance knowledge and communication

• To add value to teaching methodology and broaden the horizons of the target beneficiaries.

• To establish strategic global linkages to promote learning and sharing.

Project Outcomes

• Beneficiaries empowered with relevant IT skills to effectively compete in the global market

• Availability of easy access to quality information through the internet

• Knowledge base increased

• Quality teaching methodology provided

• Job opportunities created through acquired skills

• Reduced unemployment among community youths

How Funds will be used: Funds will be used to set up a 30-seat computer lab, provide educational software, computer training and internet access. On-going support will be provided to cover maintenance, software upgrades, running costs etc.

Get involved: Your support towards setting up, providing on-going training / materials and upkeep / running costs is welcome



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May 05, 2015
May 05, 2015

You can also take advantage of InspireIT's free mentoring program. InspireIT is a free mentoring program for young girls and women studying or interested in sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

Please send an email to: [email protected]

Jayne Cravens
Sep 23, 2015
Sep 23, 2015

"Your support towards setting up, providing on-going training / materials and upkeep" 

Does this include support from volunteers working remotely - rather than coming onsite to Haiti?