"At One" soul gatherings

Miriam Florencia Abergel
Posted March 28, 2021

Hello World Pulse!  I am Miriam Florencia, and I received the inspiration to facilitate "At One" daily soul gatherings via Zoom last year while in quarantine.

The inspiration was to create opportunities for us to take a pause in our day to intentionally come together in love to have a felt experience of our Oneness.

Particularly in these times of social isolation, it is vital to know/ remember we are not alone, and to be seen and heard.

Currently the format of the call is as follows:

We come together in sound (cameras off, microphones on) for 1 minute, from 1:00-1:01pm pst, through the power of the universal hum.  Humming has many health benefits and is a sound everyOne is able to make.

Humming is followed by 1 minute of silent presence (microphones off, videos on).  This gives us the opportunity to be seen, and to see others, to connect in with our breath, to release tension and find the stillness within.

I then sing a song and afterwards, give others  the opportunity to share their own unique soul expression if they feel called to do so, and/or to share whatever is present in their hearts.

These are intended to be short connection calls, from 1:00-1:11pm so they don't require a big time committment. Calls are not recorded to maintain confidentiality and the sanctity of the moment)time shared. I sometimes send out "last minute invitations" via messenger as invitations for people to embrace the moment.

I want to be able to continue to facilitate these calls daily as I know how much this practice has impacted my life, and I know others have found value in this offering as well.  I want to continue to offer them freely, as a love offering, in service to our world.  As a mother of two daughters, I also want to be able to support myself and my daughters financially, with ease, so I also want to welcome donations.

I would love support on how I might be able to get the word out about this offering so it can benefit more people.  I would also appreciate financial support from any and all who see the value in this offering and can help.  

I believe remembrance of our Oneness impacts our choices, actions, and interactions with One another. I believe we can bring about world peace if we act from unity consciousness.

Eventually, ​​​​​I would love to start a world-wide movement where "At One" calls are offered at 1:00pm in every time zone by various facilitators.

I wish to connect, to bringing everyOne together in common intention, and to give people a safe place to be seen, heard and be able to share their unique soul gifts and expressions.

Thank you for your support.

I invite you to join the "At One" Facebook group, where the Zoom link may be found under announcements.



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Nini Mappo
Mar 28
Mar 28

Dear Miriam,
Welcome to World Pulse. Thank you for extending your love and care to us all. It would indeed bring healing to recall our interdependence and make choices that are not only good for us, but for others in the world as well. Thank you for the reminder. I wish you well in your ongoing initiative to bring about oneness in a fragmented world.

Thank you sister, what a beautiful smile you have! Sending you love ❤️

Dawn Arteaga
Mar 28
Mar 28

Hi Miriam - what a beautiful concept - At One. I love it! And as a fellow facilitator, I love your innovation in beginning the call with grounding in sound and visuals. Thank you for sharing your dream. I know you will find others in this community who will be interested in joining in your calls and exploring your idea in more depth. I invite you to join our World Pulse Encourager call at the end of the month - the next one is April 30 and you can meet others in our community in person who might share this same dream!! https://bit.ly/EncouragerParty

Thank you! I will try to make it to the encourager call! I look forward to making connections here. Sending you love ❤️

Zulma Miranda
Mar 29
Mar 29

Welcome Miriam! And thank you for sharing this beautiful ritual with the World Pulse community. I look forward to reading more from you and to joining one of your calls too!

Thank you for receiving me so kindly.

Apr 30
Apr 30

Great Miriam! thanks for sharing your love with everyone in this community! and share with us this beautiful concept, happy to read more about you and your initiatives!