Life, Death and Much in Between

Posted February 8, 2011 from Philippines

An uncle and an aunt (from my dad’s and mom’s side respectively) died just this week. I am not really close to them but certainly I still mourn over their loss. Most of us don’t feel comfortable to go to funerals, let alone talk about death. However, we can’t deny the fact that it is inevitable. While staring on their lifeless bodies inside the coffins, I pondered. It’s easy to be brought in this world, to have life. Even if we talk about the spiritual life, we still got easy access to it. The gift of salvation is free and all we have to do is to take it.

But how it is to die? Would your death be quick and painless? Would you have the chance to say goodbye to your loved ones? Have you ever wondered how you will wind up dead? Would you be hit by a bus? Would you die from a terminal illness? Would you be killed by a criminal? Would you be poisoned by someone close to you? Or would it be possible that you’ll take your own life? How long will you live? Would you still be able to see your great grandchildren? Would you “know” if you’re going to die soon? What legacy would you want to leave behind? Have you ever wished that God would forewarn you before He tells you that your time’s up?

It is often said that our life here on earth is nothing but a wisp of smoke compared to eternity. I certainly agree. But I think the pertinent question is where you would likely to end up? Where will you spend your eternity? Most people don’t believe in heaven and hell. Undoubtedly, its truth is one of most debated things. Many people believe heaven is true and leave the hell out. Some buys the idea of reincarnation and nirvana. There are also accounts of after death experiences of people who were dead for some minutes and came back to life. Nonetheless, it is apparent that people continue to seek the truth or they won’t come up with these things. It’s up to you what “truth” you are going to believe. But as for me, I believe that heaven and hell is true. Jesus Himself has talked about hell more than heaven. Maybe it’s His way of warning us. He talked about it vividly. There are lots of bible passages that show Jesus describing what it’s like down there. A few examples will be found on Matthew 13: 50, Mark 9:44 and Luke 16:28.

I believe it wouldn’t be enough to talk just about life and death. What is in between ought to be brought up too as it is the most important. Hebrews 9:27 says that a man is destined to die only once, after which he’ll face judgment. It means no second chances folks, unlike we see in the movies wherein a dead man gets a chance to finish an uncompleted objective or to correct a wrongdoing. Keep in mind the importance of making it right with God before we die. We have the whole time of our life to make the transaction. This must not be taken lightly as its consequences are eternal, that is either eternal life or damnation. We can never know what is going to happen tomorrow, let alone later. It would be best to be prepared at all times. We can do some merrymaking with friends at this minute and die later. This rings true morbid as it may sound, whether you agree or not. Why not make the transaction today?

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