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Posted June 17, 2021 from Namibia

This letter is from Mrs. Jackson, a 23-year-old Transgender woman that fights normal Norms of society every day just to live her True Identity. I rarely have real friends left and the ones I have only know the Picture perfect me without my lovely wig; Susanna or that Fenty foundation that blends in perfectly with my tone. They accept me that girls fight over with my sexy jawline, Bright smile, and those cheap men jean I wear to family functions just to feel like I have a family. Look I don't have a problem with been judged and been names called but what really makes my heart cry with great pain is that We are discriminated against when it comes to getting Tertiary Education and applying for jobs as trans. If We at least cant get proper treatment to be hired for work that we can do just because We are feminine and trans. How do they expect us to feed ourselves after all we are Human and do eat. I have a mother that has been Unemployed for many years depending on the small sales she makes from her Arts and crafts that she sells to Tourist but due to Covid-19 killing the whole tourism industry it has all come to a dead end. I have to start somewhere to make an income besides the small stuff such as sweets and chips. I have bills to pay too that don't give me a free pass saying, "you trans, young and black so We won't charge this month until you get rights". So what does one do in such cases where you have your food taken out of your mouth, how far does this hatred go?  We are all created by the same God! is it not what we believe in as Christians? That God loves us all equally and said we must love our Neighbors as we love ourselves. I cannot believe that we use God to bleach our Wrongs as if they won't be noticed. We see this and we pray that the Hate you give will return to your future generation. I was raised to forgive but at this moment the pain I carry is much greater than this.    I just want to look after My mom like any other Son wants and although I feel comfortable in a dress, it doesn't change how hardworking I am and how Creative I am. I am just a black African Boy that wants to be financially stable to be at least able to feed myself and those around me.

I walk into offices to go hand in and Apply for Vacancies posted and all I will get is a laugh as if I walked in there to make a joke dressed in woman Clothing. A manager once told me he only hires "REAL" women. It sometimes feels like who I am will rub on on straight man because it's how people are putting it here in Namibia. My only question is Where is the United Nations in this? where does our help come from? Is it fair what We are going through?   Should We continue to Commit Suicide and die all of us for the World to see that we are Suffering, struggling to eat every day, unemployed, and Living on the Streets are our lifestyles here unless you get a Sugardaddy that pays you monthly stipends to take care of yourself, which usually comes with diseases and early death at a young age. I don't want to be yet another number on that List. for now we keep on with our struggles and let the day come that maybe Oprah will talk about us or someone else will use their influence to fight for us but the day will come when We will be free and will be members of the Society working for ourselves and have equal Opportunities like everybody. 

I have tried to contact international bodies such as United Nations but no answer, Please if anyone knows International Organizations that work with Cases such as Our or can at least helped us in any way please drop in the Comments or Message me and once again ladies Thank you so much for been good sisters, mothers and pillars of All Communities. I have been offline for a while as times have been really tough after my last Story post. Your comments have been warmly wonderful and have encouraged me. Thank you       #Freedom will Come for Trans 

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Jun 17
Jun 17

I am sorry to hear what has happened to you. Everyone should have equal opportunities regardless their sex, age, gender, race, etc. I also understand there is still a lot of discrimination exists nowadays and leads to unequal treatment.
Be strong! You can overcome this!
May Almighty God bless you!

Jun 19
Jun 19

Your story is heartsore. Just remember that you will never be given more than you can handle. Be encouraged. There are good things in store for you. You have much to accomplish in life. God knows and God sees.
You are well within your rights to be given equal opportunities. Thank you for voicing your experience.

Beth Lacey
Jun 21
Jun 21

I pray that the world will make significant progress in recognizing and accepting the differences that God has given us.