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About Me

I am keen to learn and explore new opportunities,completed my high school studies two years ago awaiting to join university to pursue a bachelors degree in sustainable energy and climate change systems, passionate about the environment and factors that enable good coexistence between humans and there environment. I am also keen on causes that support women's needs and women economic empowerment, and enablers that allow women to advance their careers.One of the greatest challenges that I face as a young woman is limited resources that will allow my personal development while advancing my career. I am an expert in crocheting and baking skills and currently i am teaching girls who have completed high school how to bake.

My Vision

A world that cares for its environment and utilizes renewable energy for sustainability in the energy sector.


I want to study any person willing to support me through college their efforts will be highly appreciated


I am good at writing, baking and talking to girls about how I overcame challenges in high school and came out with outstanding results


Education EqualityWomen and the EnvironmentGender-based Violence