My Birth Story (Gia Margaux Arellano's Birth)

Posted March 14, 2018 from Philippines
Welcome Little One
During Contractions
During Contractions: On the right is my brother, he looks so peaceful while I was in pain. (1/9)

Dear Daughter, 

When you grow up, I want you to remember this, because time will come, and you will become a mother too...

The love of a mother is unconditional, true, and pure. 


I am a mother. 


I am strong. 


I am powerful. 


I am a woman of my own strength.

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Mar 15, 2018
Mar 15, 2018

Hi Mizzy. Thanks for sharing your powerful story and photos. I love your daughter's name... so pretty:) For real on your brother. He looks like, I'm glad I don't have to go through that:-)

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Mar 16, 2018
Mar 16, 2018

Congrats, Mizzy! Every birth story is a memorable one. It is unique to evey woman, Thank you for sharing!

Corine Milano
Mar 16, 2018
Mar 16, 2018

This is lovely. Thank you for sharing!

Clodine Mbuli Shei
Mar 16, 2018
Mar 16, 2018

Congratulations Mizzy, birth experiences are really unique to every woman. The pains go gradually and its sometimes hard to explain exactly how it felt. The strength of womanhood!!!

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Mar 21, 2018
Mar 21, 2018

Thanks Mizzy for posting your personal experience of child birth. It's not an easy process and your pictures speak volumes. I agree with you that you are a very strong and powerful woman. Stay blessed and looking forward to more of your posts.