Happy to be part of such a noble group

Posted September 13, 2015 from United Kingdom

Hi lovely ladies,

I'm delighted to be part of this group. GBV is one very important issue that we as women are living with. if its not happening to us it is definitely happening in our neihbourhoods, communities, countries or continents.Until they(perpetrators) stop we must not stop tlking about or even shouting against it very loud.

I believe this group is one lovely space thatoffers the opportunity to speak against GBV. I am happy to join in the conversation. I am here to speak against GBV. I am here to joinhands with you lovely sisters to work and talk to end GBV.

Happy to be here

Hello everyone

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Lisa Anderson
Sep 14, 2015
Sep 14, 2015

Dear Mkandeh,

Thank you for posting this introduction! I love the vision of women and male allies joining hands to work and talk to end GBV. Thank you for bringing your energy to this group!

Warm regards,


Sep 15, 2015
Sep 15, 2015

Many Many Thanks Lisa.

Tamarack Verrall
Feb 12, 2016
Feb 12, 2016

Hello Mkandeh,

I am so glad to link arms with you here as we work together to end violence against women. You are so right, we need to continue to speak out, and yes, shout. The more we meet, the more we know each other's stories, the stronger we are. We know now how many of us there are, speaking out, not allowing any acts of violence to be kept under the carpet. We are creating together a momentum that cannot be stopped. Glad to know you are there!

In sisterhood,