VOF Resources: Poem- My Friends

Posted March 30, 2016 from United Kingdom


MY FRIENDSare my pearls

Wrapped up in a golden swirl

When things get sour

And life seems bare

They are always there

To push me higher

MY FRIENDSare my power

And they makes me feel empowered

Never to disavow

My feminine vow

To amply my voice

Which is the ultimate choice


Who never give me a snub

I know not what it means to be shun

They make me fly like a dove

Our connection like hands and gloves

They area gift from above

MY FRIENDSare profound

Their supports resound

An honesty so abound

That leaves me spellbound

And knowing I'm in a solid ground

Even as I fear the underground

MY FRIENDSare with me

Far or near they may be

Their supports stronger than a beam

Just like little Kathy

Who always chase kittens

With the help of her mittens

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Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Mar 31, 2016
Mar 31, 2016

Yes Mkandeh The world would surely be a lonely place if we didnt have friends around us to comfort us, encourage us and support us. Friends are a blessing. Thanks for sharing

Apr 07, 2016
Apr 07, 2016

Hi Anita, Thanks a lot for your comments. Friends are indeed a blessing to us. Thanks again for adding your powerful voice to this. In love and sisterhood

Apr 06, 2016
Apr 06, 2016



Thank you for having shared us that other Poste entitled "VOF Resources: Poem- My Friends."

Through this poem extolling your deep love for brothers, who you express as your pearls, your power ... you really well inspiration. I believe in this other talent of you: POETRY!

Indeed, the way you make the choice of words, how the rhymes are arranged ... convince me that besides your journalist talent, you have that other poet talent! I encourage you indeed.

I encourage you also to have in mind the subject of your poems; in other words, why and for whom you want to write. I specifically suggest you do every time your poems reflected in their goals. If for example the poem related to Module 5, think about the challenges yourself and or your targeted community are facing, and make sure they both are “émouvants” unto your readers, listeners and potential donors of fund which you destine it. Constantly think about the results you want to earn.

Once again thank you very much Madam MKANDER for your Post.

Have a nice day !


French :

Bonjour MKANDER !

Merci de nous avoir partagé cet autre Poste intitulé : « VOF Resources: Poem- My Friends ».

A travers ce poème exaltant votre profond amour à pour frères, que vous imagez comme vos perles, votre pouvoir…bref votre source d’inspiration, je crois en cet autre talent en vous : LA POESIE !

En effet, la manière dont vous faites le choix des mots, la façon dont les rimes sont agencées et riment… me convainquent qu’outre le talent de journaliste, vous avez cet autre talent de poète ! Je vous encourage en effet.

Je vous encourage en plus de savoir avoir en tête le sujet de vos poèmes ; autrement dit, savoir pourquoi et pour qui vous voulez les écrire. Concrètement : je vous suggère de chaque fois faire transparaitre dans vos poèmes leurs buts. Dans le cas par exemple du poème en rapport avec le Module 5 pensez aux défis auxquels vous-mêmes et ou votre communauté-cible êtes confrontés, et faites en sorte qu’ils émeuvent aussi bien vos lecteurs, auditeurs et les bailleurs des fonds éventuels auxquels vous les destineriez. Pensez aux résultats auxquels vous voulez aboutir.

Une fois de plus merci beaucoup Madame MKANDER pour votre Post.

Bonne journée à vous !


Apr 07, 2016
Apr 07, 2016

Hello Joseph, Thanks for your kind words. I will look into poetry to inspire others and change society. Thanks a million for the advice. Blessings