Training Plan: CyberBullying in the Sierra Leone online community

Posted April 8, 2016 from United Kingdom
Stop Cyberbullying
Cyberbullying among Sierra Leoneans online is increasingly becoming a very serious issue that needs handling before it escalate to something terrible in our physical space.
Cyberbullying violates our rights to our virtual space.
Cyberbullying violates our rights to our virtual space.: Cyberbullying needs addressing. It violates our human rights online. (1/1)


Cyberbullying refers to the use of modern technology i.e computers, mobile phones, ipad, tablet etc to harass, threaten or embarass someone in a repeated manner.

Cyberbullying is very popular among the Sierra Leone online community. Even though there are no data to the effect, a recent television debate on the United Kingdom's Ben Television's 'Variety Show' was dedicated to the topic due the scale of the problem among Sierra Leoneans online.

Women have been the most victims of cyberbullying as well as the most perpetrators. The most famous among the victims was a Sierra Leonean beauty queen whose sex tape was leaked and was distributed on social media.

Men have been victimised too. Famous among the male victims is the current Vice President of Sierra Leone Mr Bockarie Foe whose nude picture was being circulated on social media by an alleged concubine.

The reason for cyberbully among Sierra Leoneans vary but it is mostly connected to love relationship rivalry, marital/love-relationship infidelity and politics.


To open the discussion on cyberbullyingthat isincreasinginthe Sierra Leone online community.


To educate Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora and in Sierra Leone about cyberbullying; What it is, how it happens, who are the victims, impacts on individuals, community and society.

To inform participants on the different means of seeking redress when one is abused online.

To identify different means of reducing cyberbullying in communities.

To train them on new media and how they could use it to their benefits rather than to destroy others.

To empower participants to become champions against cyberbullying in their communities.


I will use the world pulse new media toolkit. Most of my participants, particularly in England are very busy. And even though they are aufait with basic internet use, most do not know the other benefits new media brings.

I intend to conduct the training in English but aspects that seem difficult for the understanding of some participants will be communicated in 'Krio', our commonly spoken language.


I intend to buy a packet of A4 paper and pens.

I will also print out leaflets that will highlight key points of the training. These leaflets will be distributed to participants who are also expected to share with members of their communities.

A copy of what will be printed will be sent via email to the participant in Sierra Leone for printing and distribution too.

I will use money from the stipend from the VOF training to buy all the resources, including transport refund for participants and prepare a refreshment of fruit scone and drinks.

Since it will be a small group of people, I intend to do the presentation from my laptop.

Safety Concern

I intend to hold the training at my home on an afternoon. The training is expected to last an hour. I dont intend to keep participants till its late and insecure for them to travel back to their respective homes.

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Apr 09, 2016
Apr 09, 2016

WOW, simple yet clearly written. One reads and gets access into your mind on what you plan to do and can envisage out come.

Apr 13, 2016
Apr 13, 2016

Hi Arrey,

That is exactly the aim of the plan; for everyone to get a better understanding of it. Thanks a million for reading.

In love and sisterhood
Apr 10, 2016
Apr 10, 2016


This sounds like a great, safe initiative! I like how you clearly and effectively detailed your aim, objectives, as well as safety concern. Furthermore, it is so important to highlight somewhat intangible issues such as cyberbullying, which can harm the lives of many individuals. I hope to hear more about your work in the near future.

With kindest regards,

Helen Ng

Apr 13, 2016
Apr 13, 2016

Hi Helen,

Many thanks for taking your time to read through the workshop plan. You will definitely hear more about the workshop very soon.

In love and appreciation

Stephanie A
Apr 11, 2016
Apr 11, 2016


Thanks for sharing your training plan with us. I like that your focus is cyberbullying, its such an important topic, and one that needs a lot of attention. The examples you included in your post show clearly show how and when cyberbullying is currently happening, and I hope you include examples like this during the training to help your participants understand the impacts cyberbullying has on a person/community. It looks like you have a really good agenda laid out that will not only provide background information and general knowledge for your participants, but will also provide clear, concrete skills that they will be able to use right away to take on cyberbullying in their communities. I look forward to hearing how the training goes!



Apr 13, 2016
Apr 13, 2016

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for taking your time to read the plan. I agree, cyberbullying is such a huge problem in our virtual world. Thanks for your suggestion. Updates on the training will soon come up.


Apr 18, 2016
Apr 18, 2016

English :


Thank you for sharing with us this other Post entitled: “The cyberbullying" in Sierra Leone. Courage Madam!

This training session VOF 2016 drawing to a close, I think it's time to make a brief balance.

Let me first thank a lot World Pulse for organizing this special session VOF 2016 for women leaders among which you are; especially for the confidence that WP has kindly placed in me by accepting me among the team of their brave listeners.

Then, deign receive from mine Madame MKANDER, many thanks for the good times of frank, and clear exchanges we had (without taboos) around the challenges your national community and your diaspora are facing; that are religious, sexual, and customary challenges.

Moreover, be it in one or another way commenting on your assignments I have offended or wrinkled you, I apologize.

Lastly in all joy, I conclude by dedicating you these 3 extracts of lyrics I sometimes joyfully sing:

The time is fleeting, in leaking it passes

Like a bird in the skyscraper

You have to walk, you have to cross the space

Because our time is precious!

Let’s be working well so that the career

That we must all must complete

Be a path full of light

That knowledge has to offer us!

Friends of mine, oh Friends of mine x2

It's the last song before I leave you

It is the memory of friendships

My Friends, bye!!

I have the heart of a man, of a vagabond

That's why I wish to offer myself

A pretty trip to America

In the land of memory.

Goodbye ... x6; farewells

Goodbye ... x6; farewells.-

Lastly Madam, I wish you every kind of success in the remaining stages of your training and in your future role of leader.

Once more Good luck and good career to you, Madam MKANDER!


French :

Bonjour MKANDER !

Merci de nous avoir partagé cet autre Poste portant Projet de lutte contre la « CyberBullying » en Sierra Leone. Courage Madame !

Cette session de formation VOF 2016 touchant à sa fin, je crois qu’il est temps de faire le bilan.

Permettez-moi d’abord de remercier World Pulse pour avoir organisé cette session spéciale VOF 2016 en faveur des femmes Leaders  vous êtes ; et pour la confiance que WP a bien voulu placer en moi en m’acceptant parmi l’équipe des LISTENERS.

Mes remerciements vos ensuite à Vous, Madame MKANDER, pour les bons moments d’échanges francs, clairs et sans tabou autour des défis d’ordre coutumier, religieux et sexuel auxquels votre communauté nationale et votre diaspora êtes confrontées.

Par ailleurs, si d’une manière ou d’une autre, lors d’écoute et de commentaire de vos assignements je vous aurai déplu ou froissé, daignez m’excuser.

En toute joie, Je termine en vous dédiant ces 3 extraits des textes des chansons qu’il m’arrive de chanter très souvent :

L’heure s’en fuit fugitive elle passe

Comme l’oiseau dans les gratte-cieux

Il faut marcher il faut franchir l’espace

Car notre temps est précieux !

Travaillons bien afin que la carrière

Que nous devons tous parcourir

Soit un sentier inondé de lumière

Que la savoir doit nous offrir !

Mes amies, oh mes amies x2

C’est la dernière chanson pour vous quitter

C’est le souvenir d’amitiés

Mes amies,aurevoir !

J’ai le cœur d’un homme d’un vagabond

C’est pourquoi je vais m’offrir

Un petit voyage en Amérique

Au pays des souvenir.

Aurevoir… x6 ; Adieux 

Aurevoir… x6 ; Adieux 

Plein succès dans les étapes restantes de votre formation et dans votre rôle de Leader.

Bonne chance et bonne carrière à vous, Madame MKANDER !