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Digital Action Campaign

Campaign title: #InspireAMama

What is the campaign?

The campaign will seek to show how mothers in different parts of Sierra Leone can use different known tools to open up discussion about sex to children, particularly the girl child, most of whom have picked up different jumbled up understanding about sex from various sources.

What is the goal of this campaign?

The main goal of this campaign is to present mothers with a new way to connect with their children - boys and girls - to talk about their bodies and sex so they can make informed decisions on their own that could help stem the tide of teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and possibly guarantee a brighter future for girls in Sierra Leone.

How do you intend to achieve the campaign goal/s?

To create a civic and limitless form of engagement about a burning parental issue (sex education) whose responsibilities would eventually fall more on mothers by charting ways that best resonate with all and sundry in the digital age.

How will the message be delivered?

The campaign will involve social media; facebook, twitter, whatsapp, blog which are the three most popular social media forums use in every parts of Sierra Leone. The campaign will draw mothers and children's attention to the on going discussion of sex education on one of the social media platforms highlighted.

Why do we need this campaign now?

There's currently no known sex education going on in Sierra Leone, not in the community neither at schools. According to the 'Sierra Leone out of school' study by UNCEF (2010), lack of sex education in primary and secondary schools is one of the reasons behind the rise in teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone.

‘Family Life Education’ which involve sex education which used to be part of the secondary curriculum was in recent years erased from the secondary school curriculum leaving a vacuum that have left many Sierra Leoneans shock. There have been calls for the reinstatement of sex education in schools. While the wait continues, the #InspireAMama campaign will be crucial for raising awareness about the need for sex education. It will also open the discussion about sex that is often viewed as a taboo.

Who are your target audience?



Government authorities

Women and Men who are not necesarily parents

The media

Teenage girls and boys

Campaign Timeline?

The campaign timeline is three months and open for extension and expansion, depending on the availability of necessary resources.

Expected Challenges

Religious/Cultural beliefs that condemn talking about sex to children

How do you intend to overcome these challenges?

Digital media advocacy on the essence of sex education and the implication it lack is having on society.

Involving cultural and religious heads in the campaign in the long run.

Media publicity will amplify the campaign to emphasize its importance at this particular moment.

Expected outcomes of the campaign?

The knowledge gap in sex education between those who know (Mothers) and those who do not (children) in Sierra Leone will be bridged thereby empowering young people to make informed choices.

There will be increased cautiousness among young people about having unprotected sex hence reducing teenage pregnancy, STIs and HIV rates.

The discussion about sex will be opened whereby other participants and supporters of this campaign will be incorporated in the same line.

The campaign will attract other campaigners within and without Sierra Leone to value digital platforms the more and will be inspired to use it for their different campaigns.

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Sherna Alexander Benjamin
Apr 15, 2016
Apr 15, 2016

Dear Mkandeh,

Sex education is a topic which mothers need to be educated about and developing age appropriate material and tools to work with parents to broach this subject is key, great information great subject.


Apr 19, 2016
Apr 19, 2016

Hi Sherna,

Many thanks for your comments. Indeed they are very helpful in making my project a success. I will take onboard your comments in mapping out my strategy for the campaign.

Thanks a million


Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Apr 15, 2016
Apr 15, 2016

Dear Mkandeh, Woow i wish i was in your country to attend this training. I would to suggest that you add some real life stories of children who have been sexually abused. These stories can be told by their mothers so that through thwir stories we can see how the lives of these children have been affected. You have a very good plan for the proposal and i wish you all the best. Stay blessed.

Apr 19, 2016
Apr 19, 2016

Hi Anita,

Many thanks for your suggestions. I will take it on board as I prepare my final proposal. Thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule to drop me this piece of advice. I whole heartedly appreciate.

Thanks a million

In love and sisterhood

Maya Muñoz-Tobón
Apr 18, 2016
Apr 18, 2016

Dear Mkandeh,

What an inspiring and powerful subject and goal. It is so difficult to understand that governments will take out such an important issue from the curriculum at schools, doing a complete disservice to the entire nation. I am happy that you already plan to use multiple platforms of social media and communication, and that you came up with a hashtag, this will allow you to collect all the conversations. One thing I could think of is, the possibility to gather stories from women who have overcome or struggled with how to speak about the topic, since it is considered taboo, this can show how other women and young girls could overcome the shyness or silence, and using humor sometimes helps too if it fits the cultural references ;)



Apr 19, 2016
Apr 19, 2016

Hi Maya,

Thanks for sparing time to read this plan. Your suggestions are worthy and I will take every bit of it to heart as I work on the final bits in my proposal.

Many thanks for reading.

Kindest regard

Apr 25, 2016
Apr 25, 2016



Thank you for sharing this other post on your project proposal.

I appreciate the image that symbolizes the theme of your awareness campaign: "Sex education protects our children." Your theme is both intelligible, meaningful and relevant!

However, let me recall that even though the world of science evolves, so far the project formulation framework are standardized, despite small improvements and changes that are made depending authors and houses [establishments, enterprises, organizations and associations ...].

 We also suggest that each item be named after name. Call the Titles TITLES, OBJECTIVES the objectives, ACTIVITIES the activities, RESULTS the results, MONITORING AND EVALUATION Monitoring and Evaluation ...; and as far as possible do not waste time trying to reinvent the wheel.

I have no doubt that the sections of your project proposal outline covers the main materials; however, I suggest you perform the exercise on this other canvas I suggest below. You will notice with joy that your proposal is more clearer, more complete and comprehensive! Thank you to try it.

Regular features of a project proposal.

I. Summary of the project.

o Project Title

o Names of implementation agencies

o Project duration

o Types of beneficiaries:

 Direct.

 Indirect.

II. Socioeconomic context and justification of the project.

 From the social perspective

 From the economic point of view

 From the political point of view.

III. Approach of the project.

1. Project Objective

2. Expected results

3. Activities.

IV. Project strategies.

 Implementation Strategy.

 Sustainability strategy.

o Financial sustainability

o Institutional sustainability

o Integration of the principle of equity and gender.

VI. Monitoring and evaluation.

 Monitoring Startup

 Monitoring during the project

 Followed at the end of the project.

VII. Timing diagram or schedule of completion of project activities.

VIII. Logical frame of the Project.


IX. Indicative Plan of disbursement of funds.

X. Convention with the funds donor.


Once again thank you to Mrs. MKANDER for having shared your proposition of project.




Bonjour MKANDER !

Merci de nous avoir partagé cet autre poste relatif à votre proposition de projet.

J’apprécie l’image qui symbolise le thème de votre campagne de sensibilisation : « l’éducation sexuelle préserve nos enfants ». Votre thème est à la fois intelligible, significatif et pertinent !

Cependant, permettez-moi de rappeler que même si le monde des sciences évolue, à ce jour les canevas de formulation des projets sont standardisés, malgré des petits aménagements et des variations qui sont  le fait d’auteurs et des Maisons [Etablissements, entreprises, organismes et associations…].

 Aussi nous est-il recommandé de dénommer chaque rubrique par son nom habituel. Appellons TITRES les Titres, OBJECTIFS les objectifs, ACTIVITES les activités, RESULTATS les résultats, SUIVI-EVALUATION le suivi-évaluation… et dans la mesure du possible ne perdons pas le temps en essayant de réinventer la roue.

Je ne doute pas que les rubriques de votre canevas de proposition de projet reprend l’essentiel des matières ; cependant, je vous suggère d’effectuer l’exercice de les reprendre sur cet autre canevas que je vous suggère ci-dessous. Vous constaterez avec joie que votre proposition aura été plus claire, plus complète et plus compréhensive ! Merci de l’essayer.

Rubriques habituelles d’une proposition de projet.

I. Résumé du projet.

Titre du projet  Noms d’agences de réalisation  Durée du projet  Types de bénéficiaires :

Directs. Indirects.

II. Contexte socioéconomique et justification du projet.

Du point de vue social   Du point de vue économique Du point de vue politique.

III. Démarche du projet.

1. Objectif du projet

2. Résultats attendus

3. Activités.

IV. Stratégies du projet.

Stratégie de mise en œuvre. Stratégie de pérennisation.

Pérennité financière 

Pérennité institutionnelle 

Intégration du principe de l’équité et du genre.

VI. Suivi et évaluation.

Suivi au démarrage Suivi pendant le projet Suivi à la fin du projet.

VII. Chronogramme ou Planning de réalisation d’activités du projet.

VIII. Cadre logique du projet.

IX. Budget (EN DOLLARS US). 

IX. Plan indicatif de décaissement des fonds.

X. Convention avec le bailleur des fonds.


Une fois de plus merci Madame MKANDER pour nous avoir partagé cette proposition de Projet.

Bonne journée à Vous.


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