A Project on Malaria

Mohammad Umar Qadri
Posted January 1, 2018

Respected Members,

Good Evening

I want to bring it into your notice that a project to abolish Malaria in the region of North India is on its way to be implemented.

I need some funds or grants for the successful implement of this project.

Kindly pay attention tothis appeal.

Thanks a lot

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Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Jan 04, 2018
Jan 04, 2018

Wow, that is a great project you are starting,  Mohammad Umar Qadri. Have you tried writing proposals to international development agencies to access funds or grant? There might be a good match for your project, if ever. I hope you can find a well-funded organization to support this cause.

Jan 06, 2018
Jan 06, 2018

it is an excellent idea. Did you try to contact WHO?

Umar Qadri
Jan 06, 2018
Jan 06, 2018

Thanks Dear ida_2

Yes I tried WHO but they refused to help me either.

They said that they don't work with NGO but only with Governement.

Kindly give me an other idea to implement this.

Good Morning & Have A Nice Day