Mohinder Watson sharing 2 new Council of Europe reports on side events on VAWG and the Istanbul Convention, held during the UNECE Beijing + 25 Regional Review. Geneva, 29/30 October 2019

Mohinder NGO Founder
Posted December 20, 2019 from Switzerland
Mohinder Watson, International Council of Women speaking on honour based violence at a side event during the UNECE Beijing + 25 Regional Review, Geneva 30th October 2019
Mohinder Watson speaking on honour based violence at a side event during the UNECE Beijing + 25 Regional Review at the Palais des Nations Geneva. Other speakers on the panel were Nicole Ameline, Vice Chair CEDAW, Alia El-Yassir, Director UN Women Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, Marlène Schiappa, State Secretary for Gender Equality France, and Simona Lanzoni, Second Vice-President of the Independent Group of Experts Monitoring the Istanbul Convention. The panel was moderated by Brigitte Polonovski from the International Council of Women with Charles Ramsden, Chair of the Council of Europe’s Gender Equality Commission.

Dear World Pulse Members,

Some of you asked me about the UNECE meeting. I would now like to share with you 2 new reports on violence against women and girls entitled:

‘The Istanbul Convention in practice: Holistic care for victims of sexual violence’  co-organised by the Council of Europe and the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the United Nations in Geneva and

‘Ending Violence against Women and Girls: Prevalence, Proposals and Partnerships’, co-organised by the Council of Europe and the International Council of Women, and co-sponsored by the French Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations in Geneva, the UN Women Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia and NGO/CSW Geneva.

The reports contain important information related to VAWG, especially sexual voilence and how survivors can be helped. They are available on the Council of Europe Website at:

Belgium offers some best practices on helping survivors which can be adapted by different countries in the context of the local situation. There is also some very interesting information about the Istanbul Convention which can be adopted by all countries, not only those which are members of the Council of Europe.

Please try to find time to read them.

As 2019 draws to a close, I would like to wish you all a happy festive season and a great 2020 where we can stand in solidarity to demand women's and girls' rights to live their lives free from all forms of violence, especially sexual violence, no matter where in the world they happen to live.

Many thanks


Mohinder Watson, PhD MPH

Founder Action on Child Early and Forced Marriage,

Main UN Representative for the International Council of Women.

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Anita Shrestha
Dec 20, 2019
Dec 20, 2019

Thank you

Jill Langhus
Dec 20, 2019
Dec 20, 2019

Hi Mohinder,

Thanks for sharing your valuable reports link, update and well wishes for the new year. May you have a wonderful holiday season and prosperous new year, too!! I hope you can bring some of your colleagues to join our community, too. We would love to hear their stories, events, and posts, too!

Happy New Year!

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Dec 20, 2019
Dec 20, 2019

Hello, Doc,

Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. Have a relaxing year-end holidays.

May you have a prosperous and abundant 2020!

Dec 20, 2019
Dec 20, 2019

Hello Aunty Mohinder,
Oh mine we finally got it haha and we must read every bit of it haha :-).
Thanks very much for sharing it with us.
I will surely come back and read it. Honestly, not today haha..
Have an amazing great weekend and my warm regards.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Jan 12, 2020
Jan 12, 2020

Hi Mohinder,
Thank so much for the updates and links to your reports.
Have a great day and a lovely 2020

Jan 30, 2020
Jan 30, 2020

Hi Mohinda
hank you for this wonderful message
Love and blessings

Edith Ijeh
Nov 10, 2020
Nov 10, 2020

Hello sis. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. Sending you love and light