Posted January 31, 2011 from Nigeria

It will be putting it mildly to say that life is full of surprises and end it there because in some instances life doles out much more than the imagination can begin to comprehend much less begin to accept. At such desperate moments, it feels like life has transformed to a cancer-like monster that has succeeded in invading the best part of a woman’s anatomy or that life has become as unfair as a Pedophilic Priest or a ravaging Tsunami that leaves so much destruction in its wake. At such moments when one ponders on the futility of human existence; something gives, as beneath the layers and layers of despair, discrimination and devastation, a gift is unearthed. Miracles are born at such moments of barrenness and like the mother who is despised and ridiculed for giving birth to a deformed baby; beauty comes forth out of her offspring in a way that defies logic. I have vowed to stop being logical and proper in following the yearnings of my heart. I have refused to listen to the ticking of the biological clock as well as warnings from so called well meaning individuals that could hasten me into whatever marriage of convenience that is being contrived by the materialistic world we live in. I have chosen instead to listen to the sound of Music that urged the Nun-to-be Governess to leave a life of predictability and love in a new and strange way. I have chosen to spend my life by not selfishly pursuing a personal agenda but reaching out to individuals that may be considered as untouchables or ‘unlovables’. Over and over again, I have crossed the boundaries of ethnicity, Tribalism and social classism that permeates my environment because in reaching to those not-so-pretty packages, I have discovered a peace that ‘passeth’ all understanding as well as logicality and that to me is a miracle.

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Tamarack Verrall
Mar 07, 2019
Mar 07, 2019

Dear Moi,
World Pulse is big and sometimes it takes awhile to find sisters we have not yet met. Your recent story led me back to this one, so interesting to read it in the context pf what you have followed through in creating for people with visual impairment. Some look to solve only their own problems. Important as this is, I have such respect for your priority to cross these boundaries and focus on people who have long been ignored.
In sisterhood,