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The Culture of Peace - GMCoP UN event

Posted September 11, 2020 from Canada
Expired on September 9, 2021
The Culture of Peace +
Change our World for the better in the time of Covid-19 Civil society - GMCoP hosted online event

“Change our World for the Better in the time of Covid-19 “

The 9th High Level Forum on the Culture of Oeace convened online this year instead of the stately Trusteeship Council Chambers of the United Nations as it has in the past .
You are invited to visit archives at webtv.un
10 September, 2020 Hugh Level Forum on the Culture of Peace for the Opening session - Join Sec General Antonio Gutierrez and the President of the General Assembly and peace champion Ambassador A Chowdhury for the Opening Session and Plenary Session where numerous countries declare their allegiance and commitment to build the Culture of Peace as stated in the UN RES 43/253 Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace. M
The Afternoon session held online and hosted by Global Movement for the Culture of Peace was a great expressive space for diverse civil society leaders to expound their views of our world and how they each contribute to creating the Culture of P eace - Please watch our program unfold re: the following link.

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Leave you name, email and what you related to the most, if you would like to learn more about this Movement please share w your friends and don’t hesitate to contact your own governmental representatives to hold them accountable for their promise of a thriving Culture of Peace

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Karin vonKrenner
Sep 12, 2020
Sep 12, 2020

Good work. We are so in need of peace right now.

Sep 12, 2020
Sep 12, 2020

Thank you Karinvk:

I’d love to hear your feedback as a journalist when you watch the program - It airs on fb tomorrow on The Global Movement for the Culture of Peace page . - which country are you from ? Tell me more about your interest for peace ... one thing you do to help create The Culture of Peace daily .. Thank you for your kind response and interest.

Many blessings - GG