Two men one wife

Monicah Nzule
Posted August 28, 2013 from Kenya

Am amazed how this could be happening in Africa, to the west its no surprise. Men are known to me jealous and you will all agree with me that a woman can forgive a man for cheating on her but I cant say the same about our men, infact cheating means the end of that relationship and that has been confirmed by my male friends. Now here in Kenya two men surprised everyone after they signed a memorandum of understanding on how to share a wife. If you ask me black magic may have been used or maybe its a circus. Two men agreeing on how to share a wife is ridiculous, imagine a situation whereby there is a roaster on how this lady is supposed to fulfill their conjugal rights. I think our moral fabric is eroding and something has to be done to save us. Its acceptable even by the constitution for a man to marry many wives here in Kenya as long as the other wive(s) consent to it but for a woman its kind of tricky, in case she gets pregnant how would she know who the father is. Can someone explain to me like a two year old how this is happening in our society.

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