Introducing myself and my journal: Women rise up to the challenge -Economic empowerment

Monicah Nzule
Posted May 6, 2009 from Kenya

About Me:I am a Kenyan lady and a casual labourer, a mother of one Shadrack Mutiso who I love so much, I am a honest person, down to earth natural African woman with short hair. I am still looking out for opportunities to raise my life to the standards I want to be and still hoping that one day I can get some money to advance my studies in Information Technology which I love most since its a dynamic field and one can never be irrelevant. I crave most for the African woman who is always under oppression to get up and fight for what rightfully belongs to her "good life" being a house wife and mother is not good enough

My Passions:To see women prosper in terms of economic empowerment

My Challenges:Finance, I feel that if I had the power i would help women come out of poverty by helping them to initiate small projects that will generate income

My Vision for the Future:To see women in the front line and eradicate domestic violence completely and see a more empowered society economically

My Areas of Expertise:Information Technology, Encouraging people

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Monicah Nzule
May 07, 2009
May 07, 2009

The just ended sex boycott in Kenya is a shameful act and uncalled for in the sense that we have a right to enjoy sex with our partners at all times and this is between two entities forgive me if I offend you but in this case who is the supervisor and who knows what happens between the sheets when the lights are turned off, one may be denying themselves pleasure in the name of a boycott while to others its routine as usual then they brag in public how they are on the strike. There are many options in forcing things to happen than this. Its high time we learned to use tactics that work by talking sense to our leaders