The plight of IDPs(Internally Displaced People)

Monicah Nzule
Posted November 4, 2009 from Kenya

When I saw the IDPs so determined to walk many miles to their promised land, i felt so sorry and ashamed to be a Kenyan, seeing the children and women suffering living in tents makes me wonder who to blame, we have failed as a nation to provide basic needs like shelter. God will surely punish us all for not listening to the plight of these innocent Kenyans who live like refugees in their own land in torn tents, cold at night not wishing for it to rain coz that to them is disaster. When we are praying and fasting for rains they are crying to the creator to shut down the rains because when it rains they have nowhere to sleep, there is water all over, the kids are suffering and drying of diseases which could have been prevented if our institutions are put right. When I see our leaders driving those big cars and not do anything to help this people I feel so bad and helpless coz this people are left in the mercy of those well wishers, i have seen them walk in estates going door to door asking for people to give them things like food, clothing or money. This is happening in a country where our leaders are earning so much in a developing country and they dont seem to care for the needy, the idea of taxing their salary brought alot of controversy until they even brought a vote of no confidence with the then finance minister in a move to silence him not to push through the bill that would have seen their salary taxed. This is ridiculous owing to the fact that a Kenyan earning a salary of USD 190 per month is being taxed while someone earning USD 6500 dollars walks free. There is no equity in wealth distribution that is the Kenya we are living in. These people fought for our leaders only for them to abandon them after reaching their destination that is parliament, i will never vote again myself that's a declaration coz why should I vote and not to see the fruits of my vote, we killed each other for the sake of our leaders but what do they repay us with? abandonment. Who will make us see that we need to live together in harmony without despising one another it will only take a miracle to redeem ourselves.

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Nov 07, 2009
Nov 07, 2009

Dear sister,

Our leaders are afraid of us, they know that if we are well fed, we will demand our rights, but when we are hungry, we are helpless, confused and vulnerable, we are the changemakers, let us work together unrelentingly, Well done.

Sunita Basnet
Nov 08, 2009
Nov 08, 2009

I am very inspired from your words "why should I vote and not to see the fruits of my vote." I do agree with you, now its our time to speak out fo rour rights no matter where we are. We will speak out for the postive change of our community. Keep it up. We are together. I cannot wait to hear more in the future about displaced people.