Monicah Nzule
Posted May 6, 2010 from Kenya

Sometime I sit and watch the things that happen in today's world and fail to understand the reason why they do happen. Why does a woman go after another woman's husband or a man go after another man's wife. They say stolen moments are sweetest so to speak in the name of love. As the bible says a time will come when a man will have 7 wives. I do agree women are more than men but the fact that you are not legally married and are having an affair really drives me nuts. Love has no boundaries and people are fully taking advantage of this. There was a scene the other day in a town where I stay whereby a woman found his husband in bed with her close friend, they have been doing it for years and whats more is that they have a child together and this lady is married to another man, gosh I fail to believe it, she was rescued by onlookers who were furious of the wife who was shouting insults and told her that the reason why her husband goes after other women in because she is not good in bed, well I beg to disagree, am not a man but I know men are just after adventure and dominance. Can someone prove me wrong. We live in a rotten society.

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Jun 23, 2010
Jun 23, 2010

It is a sad state of affairs when this happens. Where is the respect for your gender, your sisters! My personal feelings is that when you sleep with a married man it has nothing to do with love, this is to do with competition. It seems that women still fight for the attention of men and I think this is sad.

Pooja Agrawal
Jun 24, 2010
Jun 24, 2010

I do fail to understand why the hell men cannot stick to their wives. Their wife devote their whole life to their husband and in return they give only pain and nothing else. Shame on such person who disguise their beloved. how can they be so hungry that they are searching outside to satisfy their hunger.Sad!Very sad!